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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • WR position - I see other WRs drafted in the same draft as Campbell contributing better than him. Ballard continually chose quantity over quality, trading down several times, passing on Montez Sweat, A J Brown, Deebo Samuel and possibly more in his quest for more darts on the board. I can see his philosophy but at some point, quality prevails.    Let us hope we produce at that critical WR position, might need some insurance in the form of a 1 or 2 year deal with a free agent, it seems like. Funchess was supposed to be that, flopped. That is why Grigson kept investing in Donnie Avery, Hakeem Nicks, DHB, Andre Johnson etc. and missed on Dorsett. We will see, I guess. I am not getting my hopes up. 
    • They would be the first team to play in their own stadium then.
    • He's drafted well for the lower value positions in the middle of the field but has not added much young talent in the higher valued outside positions, both on offense and defense.  Some seem to be good prospects, but it has yet to be consistently displayed on the field.    I can't give credit for what I think might be good players if only they weren't injured.  
    • They are this year, a serious super bowl contender and built practically overnight.  In fact I'm picking them to beat Steelers in SB.
    • Congrats to the Dodgers...they finally won a WS after so many unsuccessful tries the past few years.  I saw someplace that I think it is Betts and Kershaw make the same yearly salary combined than the entire Rays roster!!!  I guess you can buy a championship if you have enough money.   The Rays proved you can acquire and develop young talent, sell them on your system and approach to the game and be successful without having billionaires on your roster.   Well, it was the most unusual season in the history of the game, so here's hoping 2021 will be normal again although the chances aren't looking great right now.   Enjoyed all the chatter this season and look forward to some Hot Stove talk in the coming weeks.
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