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Four Jacksonville Jaguars Players Arrested In London

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Hi, Colts fans.   I was just keeping up with my Twitter, and I  read that four of the Jaguars players were reportedly arrested for  fighting bouncers at an English pub last night.  And they were supposed to prepare for their matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles at Wembley Stadium on Sunday.  Story developing.



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They were drinking very expensive liquor then tried to leave the club.  Attempted theft, essentially.  Not sure that being drunk makes a person want to steal. The bouncers stopped them from leaving and called the cops.  Good for them.  I'd profile them as being trouble and have my eye on them too.

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2 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

This team is melting before our eyes and I love it because the hype they were getting was ridiculous. 


They do seem like they are coming apart. I am sitting the Jags defense today, as I don't believe they will be prepared after what happened last night. 

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What a bunch of nonsense, how someone ring up a $40,000 tab, and not even have a payment method for said tab .


If so, that's just negligence from the night club.


I'm sure nothing will come of this, players probably will just say they thought it was all charged to their tab.

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