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Armchair GM's and Madden, do they correlate?

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I hear the term "armchair GM's" all the time, and it generally makes me think of a hardcore football fan that watches a lot of college tape and pretends to be a GM by judging draft prospects. However, there's a different way that is presented in newer versions of Madden in the scouting feature that is very realistic to how actual GM's may judge prospects, and Madden fans can use this to potentially get more accurate results in real life when watching actual college prospects. This may also be an actual way certain GM's judge prospects throughout the year all the way through the combine.


First, as soon as the first week of college football ends (week 3 of the regular season), you have your list of all the new prospects that are available to be drafted next year (in Madden it's set in stone who is coming out and their projected draft position while in real life players can declare later or choose to go back to school). It tells their position, where they are projected to be drafted, their scheme at their position, and when scouted with points you receive each week, their top 3 skills at that position. So far, this seems to correlate very well with what real life scouts do to gain information on whether they want to draft a prospect or not. Throughout the year, you can hear draft stories ranging from a player making a big play to win a game, to they are struggling in multiple games, to more obscure things like skipping practice which can affect development. All of these stories can positively or negatively affect draft position throughout the year for the highlighted players. So again, this correlates to real life. You get a certain amount of scouting points to find the top 3 skills of any players you want up to a point. In real life, you are also somewhat limited in how many players you are allowed to bring in for interviews and scout. I believe it's 60, so these correlate very well.


After the season is when it gets interesting. Right around when FA starts in the game, you are allowed to do some more scouting, and they give out combine grades. There are more draft stories based on the combine, and you can see who bombed the combine and who succeeded in it. There are your basic grades such as 40 time, bench press, etc... and they affect stats such as speed and strength (just like real life). There are also ranks on how each player did in each drill for their position. This helps determine how good athletically they are compared to their peers, but also doesn't solely make or break them as a player. You can build your own draft board and watch list and go from there. Trades are also a lot harder to pull off, so you can't rip teams off like you used too. You then go through the draft, trade up and down, and you get your players with a lot of strategy and hard work (although the draft goes quicker on Madden).


It's not a perfect science yet, but I do believe "armchair GMing" through Madden does paint a somewhat accurate picture of the process that an actual GM goes through. Obviously we are not watching actual tape of the draftees on Madden, and that's a big part of it, but the entire process and evaluation heavily correlates what a real GM tries to accomplish in real life, and I think a lot of people who follow the Madden blueprint will actually get better results on hitting on picks if they follow it to a T in real life. Not everyone can do it, but this shows a basic version of what a GM goes through every year when drafting players and evaluating them at every position for their favorite team.


Comment below if you agree or disagree, and I'd love to get some discussion from draft gurus, and especially Madden players on this subject!

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