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Take it all in colts fans, we deserve this

Offense is much better with Mack and Costanzo.

bortles has been benched

2 hours ago, Mr.Debonair said:

He’s awful


He's been decent in prior years.  But he was recently pulled out of  semi-reirement and only had 1 1/2 weeks to get ready.  Not unlike when Polian pulled Kerry Collins out of retirement when P. Manning couldn't go and it was clear Painter wasn't starter grade. Bills should have known and upgraded the backup to Josh Allen after the 5 interception N. Peterman game last year.


2 hours ago, SteelCityColt said:






Seem some Colts fans are hangry for an attempt at a 40 burger...


but lets get one for real.. not  in true garbage time.

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    • I never mentioned trading Q or Leonard for Goodwin. I really know nothing bout his abilities as a wr
    • Word is that it's down to Buffalo , Tenn and Cleveland. Also read that there is an offer for around 16 million on the table. I have a hard time believing the Colts would spend that kind of money on JJ as he's getting up there in age . Plus you have the injury history. 
    • Autocorrect got 'em......
    • Looks like the Colts will get 2-3 starters from the 2019 class. Willis has been the best pick so far but Oke hasn’t been terrible.  He needs to keep working on his game to improve on his deficiencies and he will be alright.  The wildcards are Rock and Campbell. One of them will come thru and be a contributing starter. If both work out this is one heck of a draft class. 
    • Yes, I'm willing to give it another year to really judge this class.   I think RYS and Oke can be solid starters for several years to come on this team.  The covid offseason didn't help them at all.     We got good value from Willis later in the draft.  I think we've seen him pretty much hit his ceiling, but he's a solid player and think he can remain solid for a while.   Campbell is a stud athlete and has just gotten downright unlucky with injuries.  He's a high character guy and a solid worker.  If he comes back and can stay healthy, I expect him to be a big contributor to the O.     Speed was very solid on STs last year and I expect him to get LB snaps this coming season, especially if Walker leaves in FA which I think is pretty much inevitable at this point.     I know there were some rumors last year that Banogu wasn't performing well in practice (well 'Flus said this to the media).  I am not ready to give up on him yet, but I don't think he's going to pan out to what Ballard had in mind.     Tell looked very promising as a rookie.  Hopefully when he comes back from opt-out he'll be on the right trajectory and can contribute again.   Green, Barton and Patterson are all still in the league and frankly as 6th and 7th round players, it isn't like we were expecting much from them.     Then, let's not forget we got Ashton Dulin as an UDFA that year.  He's been very solid on STs and though not given much opportunity at WR, he's shown speed and ability to extend the field.  I won't be shocked to see him make the 2021 roster and continue to excel on STs while seeing a bit of an increased role as a WR.
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