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Greetings for another NFL  Game Day, Colts Nation! :default_20smile:  Our 1-5 Colts are still mathematically alive in the NFL playoffs as they host the 2-4  Buffalo Bills at the real Lucas Oil Stadium.  Colts seek to end their three-game regular season losing streak, and also try to win their first game, and first home game over Buffalo in six seasons.


T.Y. Hilton scored both touchdowns, on on a 75-yard punt return in the first quarter, and an 8-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter by Andrew Luck, along with Adam Vinitieri's 2 PAT's and field goals from 25 and 19 yards in the second quarter, as the Colts defeated the Bills 20-13 in their last win over Buffalo at LOS back on November 23, 2012.


Buffalo though leads the all-time regular season series over Indianapolis with 37 wins, 31 losses, and 1 tie, in today's 70th all-time meeting.  Their 17-17 tie  was their first meeting after  the AFL-NFL merger back on November 15, 1970.


LOS's retractable roof despite the sunny and clear skies, because outside the stadium area the game forecast is 46 degrees, feels like 44 degrees,  0% precipitation, 44% humidity, and west/southwest winds at 4 miles per hour.


Head Linesman Brad Allen leads the NFL officiating crew to supervise the game action in the LOS Playing Field, between the Colts and Bills.


NO injuries, stay on track to win your second game, and  LET'S GO COLTS!!!!!  :rock:  :cheer:  :coltslogo: :1colts:  :colts:  :coltshelmet:  :coltslogo:  :cheer::D


Colts Vs. Bills  NFL Game Preview,  Live NFL Game Center,  Team Injury Reports, And NFL On CBS Early Regional Doubleheader Game In Blue:


















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Take it all in colts fans, we deserve this

Offense is much better with Mack and Costanzo.

bortles has been benched

9 hours ago, LucasOilStadium said:

Colts Vs. Bills


It's actually Bills vs Colts. The road team comes in to challenge the home team & should always be listed first


45-50 degrees & sunshine at kickoff. Open dat roof!


4 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Thanks LOS, Colts will win this 27-20. 


I got 31-15 Colts

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17-13 Colts win.
Bills find a way to get two FG's on drives, and their D scores a TD on a turnover. Colts have two TDs through the air with a FG by Vinny to secure the win, and the D gets a turn-over to seal the win.
This could also be a blowout if the Colts play Time of Possession and keep the Bills D on the field. I expect a lot of No-Huddle, but not hurry up. Dont allow substitutions, keep the game clock moving.


Colts, if they dont get in their own way, will win this. But, the moment they play outside of themselves the Bills have enough defensive talent to make an impact. I dont want this to be shades of... Um... the 2002 NFL season, where the Texans went into Pittsburg, ran the ball up the middle x3 then punted but came away with a 15-6 win because their special teams and Defense just had their way with the Steelers.

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Thanks again, LOS!


Just want to see the defense mature so that they don't give up a TD from dumb penalties that sustain drives.  Get off the field, guys.


Want to see the run game get going.  Second consecutive game with this same OLine (I think?).

27-13 Colts.

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    • No big deal brother, you can always message me I am here. I have had a bad month overall in some ways. 
    • Fair enough.   Incredibly tired.   Horrible night's sleep last night.    Dragging around some baggage.    Sorry I took it out on you.  
    • Lets say we play Eason and we don't know much about him so I am not bashing the guy. What do you think our record would be? I said 7-9 which is probably pretty accurate unless he is just stunningly good. At this point Ballard isn't even sure if he would be a great backup.
    • Zib?    Bowen doesn't have "sources".    He says this is mostly his interpretation of the events.  He says he's connecting the dots.   What makes the most sense to him.    He never once said someone told me.    The closest things he said to sources is that he's heard "chatter".   I wouldn't call that sources.     I'm not knocking Bowen.    I think he makes a very strong case for connecting the dots based on the timing of events, plus what went down in the last few weeks and what we all thought might happen.      But if he had this as a "scoop" and had "sources,  there's no way he buries this in the middle of an hour long podcast and never teased that he had the inside scoop on what went down with Phillip Rivers and the Colts.   That would be journalistic malpractice.   
    • OK.....   Found it.   There's a section, roughly 11:30 minutes long.   It runs from approx 35:00 to approx 46:30.   Kevin almost downplays that he he has sources,  says he's heard talk,  but he makes a very strong and compelling case where he connects the dots.     And the dots seem to connect.   Dodds interviews for the Detroit job.   Somewhere in that talk,  the Lions likely share that Stafford wants to move on.  And the Lions will look to trade him.    That there's no way that Rivers would retire after talking up wanting to come back,  after recently moving his family to Indy, and his kids have been enrolled in exclusive schools in the area,  and then turn around and suddenly hang 'em up.    That Indy wanted to treat Rivers with respect and likely said to him that he can handle his retirement any way he wants,  and the colts will support that.    Kevin says Indy fans should feel good if this is true,  because to him it signals that Indy and Ballard have a plan.   He also turns around and says if the trade for Stafford doesn't work out,  then he hopes they can trade up and draft their QB of the future.   That things will get difficult for the Colts if the Stafford deal doesn't happen,  the Colts situation suddenly looks much more difficult.   Kevin clearly says this is his interpretation of the events.   I think he makes a strong argument.   But he does not cite sources.  He didn't get an inside tip.   But this is how he thinks the scenario played out.   Go listen to the passage.   See what you think.  
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