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See You Around Draft Time...

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This sucks, and I don't know about you guys, but I'm not going to be on here much until the draft. I am not going to read a ton of threads about how Irsay ruined the franchise, we're doomed, all the back and forth and finger pointing, etc. I am sad that Peyton is gone, and I know it's just a game, but we do invest a lot in these guys. The SEEM like family. I can't bear watching these little promos they have running on all the local stations when a choked up Peyton thanks us for "being your quarterback"...It just hurts too much right now.

I know the future is going to eventually be ok. I know this was the right decision deep down. But for now I am taking some time away, and I suggest all of us do too. No more ESPN for me unless it's a scheduled game. I can't take the 24/7 Manning talk right now. Eventually, yes, but not now. It just doesn't seem real. Just last summer he said he'd never be with another team (we all know things change, the neck surgery, the collapse of the team that couldn't have been predicted)

So adieu for now....See you soon.

And until we meet again, Peyton (and I have met him a few times)....I never like to say goodbye b/c it's so final.

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