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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Packers lost first, and it was ugly. Bucs' D better than you give them credit for. Brady seems like landed in a good situation, with defensive and offensive support. 
    • I'm in this camp.    I don't really hate any of them, but they all have holes and are inconsistent. Some are too fan boy, some don't know the game well enough, some regurgitate, some are high light kings, some are just way off the mark.   Case in point. I like some of what Hicks does. Then this week though he comes out with an article pumping up Okereke. Yes, Oke's last game was improved, but he's been pretty bad for the most part this year. One or two decent games doesn't erase 4 bad ones and picking out highlights doesn't erase the really ugly plays that are ignored. I do agree he's probably better in man than zone.    Anyway, the inconsistency of the some of these guys drive me nuts. And I hate fanboys and highlight kings.
    • I see him taking the place of Parris Campbell. He has the speed and gets great seperation and hands. He shows confidence and in his own words, " he belongs ". Doesn't hurt that Phil Rivers mentioned him during the Post Game interview.  Having been a RB means he has the strength to get some good YAC. 
    • Hmm, did Yannick wear out his welcome in Minny already?
    • I personally don't care if he loves the game or not.  He can friggin sling it.   That love of the game stuff is not real to me.  If he came back, it would be for one of two reasons.  1.  he loves the game  2. He wants the money   Either of these reasons should yield good football.
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