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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Tommy Kraemer is returning to Notre Dame.  He's not in the draft.
    • I'm quite late to the party but here were my thoughts:   3 Best Throws 1. Hurts TD- Dude was under a lot of pressure all game and that deserves some mention had at least one bad mistake, but that was a 30ish yard dime 2. Gordon's 2nd TD- Dude looked like he was playing backyard football when he threw it side armed off his back foot, but damn if it didn't look good. 3. Love's Missed Deep Pass- I don't think the pressure was really ALL that bad, but it was everything you wanted to see out of him this game except the WR losing sight of it.   QB Rankings (For Just This Game, Calm Down) 1. Herbert- He remains the only QB at 13 I'd be quite happy for. I'm content rolling with Love at the pick too, but Herbert seems more polished and fits our offense I think. 2. Gordon- That release was fantastic. 2 solid TD drives. Like Eason and Fromm, this guy stands the best chance from here on out of raising their stock significantly. I want to see some deep balls and for godsake put on 20 pounds! 3. Love- He was second only to Hurts in falling victim to crappy circumstances. Playcalling was not his friend. I can confirm Love can hand off the ball. Two passes he had didn't even look errant, looked like the WRs were off-sync.  4. Hurts- I haven't really looked at reactions, but I imagine some people are being pretty harsh on the guy. But no one had more pressure on them today than Hurts. But when he had room to throw I think he was great. He had some straight up errors though that set him below the other guys, but he showed some nice stuff. 5. Some Other Guys- No Comment   MISC -Gandy-Golden continues to dazzle me. How fast is this guy? - is my only question. Otherwise he just LOOKS the part of a future star. 
    • Not a fan either. You lost me after the 1st pick. Purely my opinion, but we don't need a LB, especially in the 3rd, and don't need an OG in the 5th. Those two are at bottom of my position needs. We also need a CB more than a S. That's on top of not taking a QB early.
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