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    • Luck and Love. Make it happen!
    • Ballard actually cares about JB and wouldn't send him to Seattle so their offensive line could get him killed.
    • saw the opposite about Murray. he's a lock. doubt sweat drops much at all DJ is still a mild ranging QB   ps... this thread won't stop a hundred more JIT threads... mess
    • Thought perhaps we might turn this thread into a place where all the final tidbits and rumors could end up in one thread...   Here's what I've read/heard....   1.   Montez Sweat has been told he's slipping and has elected not to be at the draft.   He'll watch at home with family.    Tonight, I saw a story saying a number of teams are now too afraid of his heart condition and have removed him from their board.   But, as of now,  not all teams.   He might still go in R1,  but exactly when, no one seems to know.    Could he reach pick 26?     Maybe.    The next question is what are our doctors saying about him?   2.   Saw a story tonight saying Arizona has cooled on Kyler Murray.    Not exactly clear why.    One story was interest in Murray was to see if it would help drum up interest in ticket sales.    It hasn't.    Cards said to be eyeing Quinnen Williams.     (Note:  Selecting a #1 pick based on possible tix sales is a bad, BAD way to do business.    3.   Daniel Jones appears to be a hot QB candidate.   A growing number of teams seem to like him.   They think they can win with his brains and toughness and how he's been taught on the pro level.   Please feel free to add what you like...   facts,  tidbits,  rumors,  etc.       
    • Ballard reportedly offered him multiple pre-prepared contracts/terms. He chose. Doesn't sound like there was any negotiation at all. Sound like a GM who had a ton of cap space, set his limits, and went in prepared.    I don't blame DF for betting on himself given the nature of the contract. See below.   See above. Reports I saw, and chatter on this board is that DF was presented with multiple preprepared options. Didn't take long. Doubt there was any negotiation.    Key thing I found interesting..... If you watched Funchess on NFL.com post signature, he did an interview and cooking show. It was fun. DF didn't talk about the contract terms at all. What he did talk about was:   He said he has set an 8k budget per month for himself regardless of how rich he gets. Guess how that math works out.    $8,000 x 12months x 50 years = $4.8M That's less than half of his base contract for 2019.  it's 3x the amount he made in his first 4 years, and set himself up for life if he is serious about his budget. He'll get another contract with someone after 2019, but if he didn't, he's still set up for life.   So, did he lie about his budget? If he's being honest and is happy with 8k a month, how much motivation besides a ring does he really have. Is that enough?   not the full vid, but sure you can find it    
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