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Colts @ Patriots Thursday Night Football Game Thread


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1 minute ago, oldunclemark said:

Mack's a good player..if we're being honest....we need him...


Desperately, he at 100% health could’ve made the difference in every game.  He’s the only other dynamic player they have besides Hilton.

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Could we be any worse?  Wow what an embarrassment.  We really showed those Patriots.  All we want to talk about is how they may or may not have deflated footballs (forever ago) or how their assistant coach stiffed us.  It doesn’t matter, Pats are still winning and we are still losing and living in the past.  At this point, time to bring in Jacoby and not get Luck killed.  Colts are wasting Lucks best years.  Wouldn’t surprise me if Luck wants out. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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