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Colts @ Patriots Thursday Night Football Game Thread


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1 minute ago, our_dbs_rock said:


Yea, not really.  That lady was talking about no one knows the defense better than white but brady. and the guys seem to spend more talk talking about bradys ball pressure than the game




You realize there’s a difference between a stream and fox’s coverage, right?


Because you don’t. 

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2 minutes ago, Malakai432 said:

Has their ever been a more injured team in Colts history?  Can someone do some research?  :( I'm sure they're by far the most injured team in the NFL.  Well, especially as it stands during this game.  

Most of the injuries will play next game so is it that big of a deal? 


We are using this game as a bye aeek. It's obvious. Play with 44, hope we can be somewhat respectable. Get the next 10 days to recoup and move on. 


Sad to play that way. But wouldn't be a bad strategy if we weren't 1-3. I love starting 1-4. 

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Just now, John Waylon said:


Yeah, you still don’t understand. 


The stream is the actual video transfer over the network. 


Google it next time. 


Yea, pretty sure I know what a stream is.  Maybe you shouldnt make assumptions.......and blocked

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2 minutes ago, MPStack said:

Any chance we see the Patriots backup QB tonight?


Any body!...any body can throw 2-yard passes or passes behind the backfield, like Brady. Bring in the backup, same result.

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2 minutes ago, bluebombers87 said:

I’ve always said Brady will dink and dunk his way into the HOF

Lol that’s just not seeing enough Brady film say somethingbthis silly.. but you see dink and dunk because that beats a good pass rush

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    • LOL. I don't think you understand. And I doubt Rivers takes a pay cut. Assume Rivers is resigned at this point, so subtract 25-28M leaving you 40ish... then you have to cover the below plus a lot of other depth areas. Sure you can assume 2-3 starters from the draft, but that only goes so far covering the below.   DE - both starters are FAs, plus a key depth DE. This is the biggest hole to fill IMO. WR - I agree on cutting Hilton, but he'd leave a huge hole. We don't have another WR that is "proven", or has stayed healthy. Our leading WR (Pascal) is also a FA. So really our top 2 WRs in terms of productivity are FAs. You're basically left with Pittman, and an injury plagued Campbell. The rest are unproven.  CB - our best CB is a FA, and our best depth CB is as well. So 2 of our top 4...  TE - two of our top 3 TEs are FA, and it's an opt out year for Doyle's contract.
    • the great thing about ballard is he set it up for when the big contracts come out in 2022 that the colts will have more cap space. kellys contract was front end loaded up and goes down .   losing AC will save 16 million and rivers contract is gone by then . try and replace glow with pintor .  i love the way ballard saves for cap space .
    • by letting walker houston and hilton walk colts can sign a bunch more of the young guys .autry and rhodes are must signs while guys with big potential cox , odum muhammad , pascal , harris  are must signs
    • Also a by-product of making a huge play in OT on a nationally televised game vs. an Aaron Rodgers led Packers team who had the best record in NFC coming into the game.  Had he made the same play against a team like the Bengals which didn't have as many people watching, the hype on Blackmon may not have spread so far beyond the Colts fans who watch the Colts every week.
    • It's gonna be tight lol, that's all I know. All of the bolded below are key contributors this year.  I'd say Burton could be kept for 2M or less. Not sure I'd let AQM or Carrie walk. Both are great depth and shouldn't be expensive. Can't let Green AND Clark go, without drafting a T, which we don't have to draft if we don't want to. Johnson will likely end up back on the PS. The four last guys that you have as "let walk", not sure about all of them. There's some decent depth and ST contributors that could be kept for cheap.   Also to factor, Doyle's contract has an opt out after this season. Not sure of the terms.  
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