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    • https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2832517-nfl-trade-rumors-seahawks-frank-clark-linked-to-chiefs-jets-colts   There is some talk the Colts may be interested in Seahawks DE Frank Clark, but is he really worth giving up a 1st rounder for? He was franchise tagged after the season. IF a first rounder is what it will take, the only way I say pull the trigger on this is doing a sign and trade deal. Let Ballard negotiate a contract extension before finalizing the trade. 36 sacks in 3 years is not to shabby.    So first rounder for a 25 yr old DE or no? What does everyone thing?
    • Yes, I agree.    Most of their marquee WRs that they valued have come through free agency as opposed to the draft lately - Wes Welker from Dolphins, Randy Moss from Raiders, Chris Hogan from Bills, and even Brandin Cooks from Saints, and even Dorsett from Colts. It makes up for the fact that they do not devote too much draft resources to the WR position early on but is easily missed by the casual fan. Chad Jackson and Deion Branch have been their last Round 2 WRs from the draft.   Draft wise, they have gotten more RBs in the first 2 rounds than WRs, and they got Gronk at the top of Round 2. 
    • I have to disagree about S. A guy that can cover and play alongside Hooker in the base defense would be very valuable. We have also seen how much immediate impact Ss can have in their rookie years. I don't think the Colts are looking for an in-the-box S...they have both Geathers and Kindred for that role. I think they want a guy that can do it all. Someone like Adderley or CGJ is likely in play at #26.   But I still think Ballard will move down, barring a LB or edge falling. If you look at some of the prospects they have been attached to...guys like Lindstrom and Jacobs...they are at positions that aren't immediate needs. I think Ballard wants to have another pick or two in that Day Two range so he has the flexibility to pull the trigger on just about any non-K position (the right QB might not even be off the board).
    • I mean...it's hard to argue with the career results thus far...but I get what you are saying. Cooks has always been an interesting WR to me.   I think a big part of why NE didn't keep him was also cost. They didn't value him as a WR1, which is what he was going to cost to keep him. Not only that, Brady is not a good deep ball thrower, which negates some of Cooks' value.   But really my point was that NE has shown that they value playmakers in the passing game. I hope Ballard addresses WR early. Doesn't have to be a 1st...unless it's clearly BPA.
    • To me it does as long as they are convinced his problems are in his past.  Remember any draft pick is not a proven NFL player.  He might feel the guys he likes will not be there when he picks or the price to move up is to expensive in draft capital.  This might be the way to go and he is proven and only 25.  We shall see.  
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