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Who Will Be Buying A New Luck And Manning Jersey In A Month?

So who will be buying a new jersey?  

121 members have voted

  1. 1. Which jersey will you buy in a month?

    • Luck
    • Manning
    • Both
    • Neither

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I have 2 Manning captians jerseys authentic, one signed by him.. thanks peyton, and one not. I wore it yesterday and got alot of supportive reactions for Manning.

I wont buy a Luck jersey. If anything it will be pat angerer. I have always liked this kid.

I will buy a Manning jersey for whatever team he plays for. I doubt i will wear it, just keep it and maybe one day have it signed by Peyton too. It wont be to support the team he is on, but to support him. As Peyton said, he left the colts.. not Indianapolis.

So if Luck becomes a legend further down the line, are you saying you still wouldn't get one? Or are you waiting to see if he proves himself first?

Anyway, I agree about Angerer. Good choice.

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Don't know if anyone mentioned it but with all of the good will that Peyton has amassed in Indianapolis, how cool will it be to walk into the Luke on game day and see the normal sea of of blue jerseys...but now with a sprinkling of another team's jersey w/Manning on the back? Not provoked out of bitterness....just shear gratitude. No doubt Luck will understand. Besides, I suspect that there will plenty of #12 jerseys in there as well (assuming he doesn't switch to #17).

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I tihnk I'm going to get a Luck authentic but its kind of hard to do that anymore and spend huge dollars on a jersey that might be good for like 4 years. ouch. I have a feeling on Luck we'll be able to wear it forever like Manning though.

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I voted "neither" but only because I don't have, have never had, and don't foresee ever having the extra funds needed to purchase a jersey.

However, I do own three Manning jerseys.

One that I purchased at a rummage sale for 50 cents (one of my best buys ever).

One that was given to me as a gift.

And, one that is my pride and joy. I won it in a contest. It is autographed and will forever reside in the display case on my living room wall.

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I have bought 2 jerseys Clark and Manning Actually the Manning jersey was a gift very appreciated gift. But I guess if I make it back to Indy I will not be wearing either one of those two. Oh well chances are slim anyway just wear my blue and white.

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    • As for my grade...I think C to C+ is fair. Getting Paye has more overall weight, otherwise I might have been really harsh.   Draft success can be so largely contingent on draft capital. And considering they had a total of (11) Day 2 picks the previous three drafts (9 of which were 2nd rounders)...they had a such a larger margin for error those years.   Not the case this year...and wasn’t really the case in 2017.    Here are my grades:   Paye: A Dayo: D  Granson: C Davis: B Ehlinger: D Strachan: C Fries: C   Davis seems like a decent S depth pick, but I don’t really see the value in the other late picks either. But like you said, I won’t lose sleep over it.   But I have so much cognitive dissonance on Dayo. You see the traits on tape but then do research on Achilles injuries...and I can’t get past it. It’s one thing if you are a vet OT like Fisher, but Dayo’s game is predicated on his athletic traits. Many players do not return to that level.   I do like Paye. But if he doesn’t hit...this could be a Grigson-esque draft in a few years.
    • You guys better make this call a thing when Dayo (and the fans) return to the stadium...   
    • Interesting stuff there. Trey Lance from everything we have heard is a really great kid. He really lights up a room when he does interviews.
    • You and I had discussed that we couldn't figure out what the Colts were trying to do with their personnel.  With this draft, it appears they are trying to run like hockey shift changes with Dlinemen ala San Francisco.   I don't think either one of these guys projects to be a big pass rusher, but both appear to me to me a Jadeveon Clowney type of edge setter and double team takers.  Clowney is a good player.     I agree with you on the Paye and Dayo picks as far as being  year 3 types, hopefully contributors.   I don't see us being better this year.  Paye cannot replace Houston and Autry, and the other guy probably won't be a significant contributor.    I am fine with the LT thing.  I don't think the team could afford to invest too much more draft capital or salary in the Oline.   I still think we need a big weapon on O in the passing game.  I don't think any of our guys can fill this primary, alpha receiver type of role.   The potential problem with this draft IMO, is by the time Paye and Day potentially become studs, we will be paying out the nose on LG and Will, and will still be looking for contributers in key positions.   I think Ballard has done a great job making us competitive, but so far I don't see us rising from 2nd tier team to a 1st tier team unless Wentz is way better than PR.  They will much to your pleasure open up the play book with CW.  Hope it works out.    
    • I honestly think that's the point of this visit.   I'm not convinced that is the case. I think there's a ton of pressure and criticism in the wake of not addressing LT in the draft and he has to publicly commit to the guy that is slotted in at LT1 at the moment. His statements about Tevi have been followed by "but we'll continue to scour the market", which tells me that they're not sold on him at all and will sign a FA if they can get an upgrade over Tevi.
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