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Colts Vs. Texans Game Day Thread

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Hi, Colts fans!    Our 1-2 Colts are back in  Downtown Indianapolis after playing their two road games at the Redskins and Eagles, as they host the winless and 0-3 Houston Texans in the Colts first AF

It was the right decision. This is the NFL. A team doesn’t play for ties


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    • That is why I only listed Indianapolis era teams. Of course the 1958 Colts would rank way up there if I factored in every era.
    • Colts really don’t have a choice but to go with Eason.  There are holes at LT, both DE spots, CB 1 and 2, MLB, WR 1 and 3.  Some spots will be addressed in the draft and the depth already on the team. The rest will need to be filled in with free agents.  Our cap space will be used up quickly and spending it on a backup QB would limit other positions.  Colts aren’t legitimate SB contenders this year with Wentz so give Eason the backup snaps in practice he needs and see what he has. If Wentz does return to form I believe we are a LT, DE, CB and WR away from making a major playoff push. Those are the expensive positions and spending on a backup QB will eliminate our ability to address one of those.  This roster is about to become top heavy so it’s time for draft picks to start filling out our depth and stepping into starting roles.  
    • Can't compare eras. Average O Lineman was 240 lbs. QBs weren't protected, and corners hand-fighting wasn't allowed.  No Off-season conditioning- players had to work second jobs to pay their bills.  Totally different games.
    • Yeah, how anyone can justify resting your starters at 14-0 with 2 easily winnable games left just is mindboggling. Polian pulled the plug on history and that deserves a big boooooooooooooooooooo.   People will say it didn't affect our momentum because we won the AFC anyway which is pure horse dung as @crazycolt1 would say. We could beat the Ravens and Jets in our sleep anyway. At 18-0 it could've been a different outcome against the Saints. The game may have played out differently because of mindset, etc.. Some people just think that SB would've been the same, I know plenty of people that say different.    How some people could even be on board with what happened just aren't about history. We could've and should've been 19-0, that would've separated us from any team of all-time. 
    • Dude so much this ^^  I remember my dad looking at me when they rested players and took that first loss against the Jets, talking about destiny and the perfect record and how he thought this was the team. And especially after that heartbreaking super bowl those words ring in my head whenever i see any glimpse of that season.  it would have been absolutely EPIC to attain perfect season status shortly after New Englands 2007 demise!
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