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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Stop it.  You sound like you're just being argumentative.     DUH.  In past year's a QB would not be BPA.  This year it is, but LG isn't.   Yes, the goal was to find OL players.  That's what I said.  That's why they drafted Nelson, and why they drafted Smith after they drafted Nelson.  They ignored positional value by placing the protection of Luck as the highest priority of the 2018 draft.  Lynch never had that as a priority.   The bolded must be over your head.  It involves apportioning limited resources.  If a QBs legs can protect himself better than another QBs legs can protect himself, then you have to spend incrementally less on olinemen and free's up incrementally more on other positions that matter.    Ballard didn't want Luck to have to use his legs to protect himself, as he did with the previous olines.  Its elementary, so stop pretending its wrong..  
    • They would have, IF we had gotten a #1 CB, EDGE and WR in free agency like the Broncos did with Peyton at the helm - Talib, Ware and Sanders are your clear cut examples. Again, you need that marquee QB to build around. In that situation, Elway was clearly thinking 3 year window. If it is truly a 3 year window, the sense of urgency is shown more with free agency augmentation of existing talent, IMO.   But the 3 year window is definitely more imaginary in the fan's mind for a team devoid of talent if you only relied on the draft, which has played itself out in our record so far. If we had Luck healthy, this team probably wins the division, IMO, and in a weaker AFC, IMO, could have been in the divisional round.  That is, without FA moves. That is why I have been harping on FA as a must have to augment draft pick development to go further in the playoffs. We could have still spent our draft capital on what we did and still had similar results as the 49ers, but probably not the exact same since not enough was invested in our DL from years past that I hope Ballard changes moving forward.
    • I'm sorry but I'm not talking about throwing wild passes into coverage. BTW even though he has some of those, those are not his biggest problem. What does that even mean? This is a meaningless statement you just made. Throwing wild passes into coverage doesn't prevent a QB from being accurate or having touch. This shows poor decisionmaking, not accuracy or touch. 
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