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Indianapolis Colts
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    • We’ll see. Ballard has the best poker face in the league. It’s always hard to guess what he’ll do. He’s got 3 drafts under his belt and all of them look different. He holds all the cards close to him. Plus we don’t know how the picks before us will go besides picks one and two. Plus he’s never had to draft a QB before so we don’t even know what he’s looking for.   If I had to put a bet on it, I’d say there’s a 60% chance he’ll draft a QB in the first.
    • I don't know if CB is projecting any outward interest towards Love per se.  Its probably common knowledge by now that he/scouts have been to Love's games....I think early in the year or even last year.  So the public chatter is out there.  Its why he was asked the question in the first place, because the questioner knows he's interested, and its public knowledge.   So tell me this, would CB be evaluating QBs for first round consideration early this season?  If so, then he has had questions about JB early on.  And if CB was at USU last year, what does that say?   To me, it says that he probably at least started off by thinking of Love as a small school developmental QB that could be had in the mid rounds as a back up to Luck or JB.  He wouldn't be thinking first round draft choice early in the season, IMO, and certainly not last season.    If so, who knows if CB has changed his opinion or not?
    • Not a fan of Winston. He doesn't have the clutch gene for one. Sure he throws a lot of yards, but that's more because he just slings it downfield in the hopes someone on the same team will catch it.  
    • Les Claypool at TE would be interesting   
    • None of this QB situation is ideal... so I get what you're saying.   But here's the deal.... Rivers has worked with Reich and Sirianni before and know the system, and can mentor whichever of these new guys we might wind up with.    And at the same time.... Rivers gives us a puncher's chance in any game, provided we aren't racked up with injuries at WR again.   It's strictly a 1-2 year play at most.... and probably the best one among the veterans, IMO.   On pure talent? I would take Stafford at 32 years old.... but the Lions GM is on record as saying he isn't trading him...so it isn't realistic.   Carr is okay too... but the draft capital and $$$ for him or Stafford won't be as team friendly as a free agent deal with Rivers.   That's my rationale anyway.
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