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1 hour ago, Surge89 said:

What a story.


Thank you for sharing not often do the underdogs get the limelight and it seems like he deserved.  

No Problem, it does seem that he was deserving, Stuff from other people has also made it seem that way. It is a hard thing seeing someone who had such a joy for life and wanting to give back be taken so early. I hope the Colts do well remembering him on Sunday. And it was a well done piece by his brother. Also if you missed his brother named a son who was born in March Edwin.

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1 hour ago, egg said:

It is a small bit of irony that Jackson's #53 was inherited by a rookie who just might take that uniform everywhere Edwin ever dreamed of going.

I agree I forgot he was 53 but after seeing the Pics lately I realized and thought well Leonard seems to play with the spirit that Edwin played with. Both small school guys. I have hope on Sunday that Leonard has the biggest game with Edwin's family there and honoring. It be an amazing tribute to him

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I actually met his brother (the one who wrote the article) after the Colts game in London vs the Jaguars.


He was wearing a #53 jersey and, when he was speaking about his brother, he beamed with pride. 


A genuinely nice guy and I really feel for him with his loss.

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