Thursday night Football viewing/streaming options 2018

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Tonight ( 9/27/2018 ) begins Amazon’s second season of (yes, legally!) streaming Thursday Night NFL games. Note that for the first time, there will be two female commentators covering the game for Amazon/Twitch.


Amazon has hired Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm to commentate all 11 (out of the 12 remaining) of their Thursday Night NFL games this fall. This is the first time an NFL game has had an all female commentating staff. Amazon Prime members can stream from their Prime video appor  anyone can stream via Twitch with no subscription (Which Amazon owns).


**Note: Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to stream the Fox telecast, as well as three alternative commentary options: Storm and Kremer, a Spanish-language stream and a U.K.-English stream.**


In addition, Fox has taken over network broadcasting of Thursday night games from CBS.  Their broadcast team is Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews, and Kristina Pink.


So, there will be different audio, and very likely different video between the two. I expect they will both ( Fox and Amazon/Twitch) use the same cameras, but probably each separate production booth will decide which camera feed to show their audience.


Update:  Fox video will be a feed to the whole world. Storm and Kremer will not be at the game, but commenting/storytelling during the Twitch stream about the game, from their perspective.


So most everyone, most everywhere, should be able to legally watch these Thursday Night Football games. I might do both (stream and TV) simultaneously and compare...  :)

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