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    • I disagree  we normally  beat gb. Steelers  is probably  a loss. Will probably  beat Baltimore. Split with titans
    • Reich might not be the best but he's certainly better than Adam Gase. 
    • I'll say my thoughts on the Reich situation.   I think he's a bad coach. He's basically like Pagano in how he acts and how he coaches with a little more knowledge of the game. However, he's extremely predictable and conservative and both the offense and defense suffer as a result.    As far as his time in Philly goes winning a SB. I believe most of that was due to the surprise factor of Foles starting in the playoffs with little to no film on him and him also being one of the best backups in the league in combination with that. Reich didn't really carry him in the playoffs. If you want to argue he carried Wentz, or was a big part of it, that's fine, but Foles was basically Brissett, and he caught fire because of little sample size on him IMO with a great team around him.   It would be like in 2019 if Luck didn't retire, played the season out, went 13-3 like the Eagles, got injured for the rest of the season, and Brissett came in and won the SB for us. Would it be possible? Of course, with a small sample size like teams also had on Foles. Brissett did well his first half of the year, once teams figured him out, he was done, and Ballard agreed by signing Rivers. Foles is the same way, he succeeded because of little sample size, and now he is the starter for the Bears and struggling offensively on a team with a worse offense than the Colts.   Reich is good with QBs like Wentz and Luck, but what Coach or coordinator wouldn't be? Foles was good in a limited sample size and now he's awful, same with Brissett for 7 games. Reich went 10-6 in 2018 with Luck after starting 1-5 (which is worse than Pagano most of his time here), 7-9 with Brissett after starting 5-2 with him, and he is now 4-2 after the really easy part of our schedule which doesn't sound bad, but we have made it look really hard.   To me, he is a mediocre coach, and if you watched a Frank Reich coached game from an Adam Gase coached game, you really wouldn't see much difference to be honest. We just have a lot more talent and don't use it well on either side of the ball, and that's a coaching issue. You can comeback with our defense rating all you want. We haven't faced hardly any good QBs, tough opponents, or tough offenses yet. We face the Browns and Bengals, and the defense completely falls apart. I'd like to see how you react when this team goes through the 2nd half our schedule.   IMO, if we miss the playoffs, I'd fire Reich at the end of the season. I could also go on about how he wasted Kelly and now probably Eason this year with an offseason coming up where Eason will be the only QB under contract, but that horse has been beaten to death. It'd probably be better for this team IMO if Reich was given his walking papers unless he can do better things with this team. I don't buy into him at all, and the next 9 games will be a big indicator if he deserves to stay beyond 2020.
    • I mean, surely the purest definition of a "must win" game is you must win it or you are knocked out of contention.... be that for a playoff spot, or in a playoff game to advance to the next one? At this point technically hardly anyone is on a "must-win" game, but i get where he is coming from.... he is saying this might be a "must-win" game because of the difficulty in the rest of our schedule, if we dont win this one we are probably knocking ourselves out of a playoff spot contention because we might not win enough of the other games to get in.... Technically it's not a "must-win" game, but i guess you could say all games are "must-win" games, unless you are already 14-1 and have the no.1 seed wrapped up, then game 16 becomes a nothing game.....
    • If I were Ballard, I would definitely try and get Mack re-signed. I know Mack will probably want to stay behind our line that he knows best and he hopefully knows he has injury concerns. I think we should get something done with him because his running and pass catching is undeniable, he’s got great talent and helps this team win when we’re a run first team. 
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