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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

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Just now, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Luck with a 33 yard run! Yeah baby!


Is that more rushing yards than throwing already?

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4 minutes ago, DraftMaster said:

Time to settle in and score to keep this Philly crowd out of the game!


You never keep a Philly crowd out of the game.  You just try to channel what they're shouting obscenities at.

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Our offense is stalling due to the play calling. We can not just throw 2 yard passes every time against the Eagles defense. We have to have more play to loosen up the defense 

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    • We'll likely start with all the LBs, but guessing only 2 of 3 (Glasgow, Franklin, Adams) will survive.    I'm guessing it might look like Will - Leonard, (Walker), Speed Mike - Walker, (Oke), Glasgow Sam - Oke, Adams   with Franklin being the odd man out if Glasgow makes the cut. 
    • Hooker , Willis , Odom ....   Blackmon maybe starts on the PUP list , if not will be inactive for at least the first month ? Glasgow can make it as a special teamer .    So kind of makes it possible that Milligan or another player would be the 4th safety. More likely that Rutledge is cut or on the PS. Just saying that I was reading he's could be a nice prospect. COVID really hurt guys like him . There was talk he could have gone late in the draft. 
    • I'll join if it's for fun. Not afraid to play for money or anything, I just don't have a paypal or credit card, and am not going to go through a check or someone else's credit card to play online. Normally, I use gift cards or play on fanduel. So I'll join for now or until you eventually play for money. If it stays for fun, I'd play every year. @Narcosys
    • Just heard that some of the minority owners are trying to sell their stocks
    • I have made all the changes that I addressed in the league email.  With this funky season we are about to have I have decided to push the money league vote until next year.   However, @Matthew Gilbert has not logged in since May 19th, and if I do not get an answer from him by Friday, I will remove him from the league.    @Jared Cisneros, @Peterk2011, and @w87r are the priority order of fill for that spot. Unless the first two do not wish to be part of the league anymore. I am referencing their requests to join from last year.   Draft position choice order is based off of last years final standings and is as follows:   1. @Lucky Colts Fan 2. @BPindy 3. @onebad150 4. @WarGhost21 5. @Bluefire4 6. @Matthew Gilbert 7. Luck Ness Monster 8. @Btown_Colt 9. Myself 10. Team Hulce   Please provide me some dates that you might be available to draft between now and September 6th,   @Lucky Colts Fan you're on the clock for your draft position. 
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