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Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

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Welcome back, Colts Nation!  :default_20smile:   First, I want to acknowlege and my thanks to Steel City Colt for  stepping up and still post  last week's  Colts Game Day Thread, and fortunately, the Colts won at the Washington Redskins.


To be as brief as I can,  I  did had last week's Game Day Thread posted, but online it not post online after Create and submit topic here in the Colts Fans message. board.  As I was starting to post the GDT for the Colts Vs. Eagles game here tonight, my text and links for the Redskins game were still here online on this thread the past week, so before I get up to date and speed for the Eagles game, I had to erase and delete my text and links from the Redskins game, and start over.


I also had the cold/flu last weekend, but I my intention is to not only be well healthwise, but also to be thorough for the upcoming game between the Colts and Eagles, and make sure this GDT gets submitted and posted.


Our Colts are up Interstate 95 to play the Super Bowl  LII Champions Philadelphia Eagles.  Current Colts Head Coach Frank Reich, returns to both the city and faces the team he was with on their coaching staff last season,  and  earned a Super Bowl ring by being the Eagles offensive coordinator during their 2016-17 NFL seasons.


Eagles also activated QB Carson Wentz since he suffered broken cartilage from the L.A. Rams game last season, on Monday.


Both the Colts and the Eagles have existed in the NFL in 69 years, but are meeting and playing their 20th regular season game Sunday afternoon, a rivalry that began when the Eagles defeated the Colts by the score of 24-14 in their first game played in Philadelphia back on October 15, 1950.


Colts still leads the all-time series with 10 wins and 9 losses, and outscored the Eagles in the previous 19 games with 465 points to 411 points.


Chris Myers, former Dallas Cowboys fullback  Daryl Johnston are announcing the live TV game commentary, along with sideline reporter and interviewer Laura Okmin, for the NFL On FOX's early regional doubleheader game seen regionally, and locally on WXIN FOX Channel 59, seen live on HD.


Cloudy skies and rain at 63 degrees, is the game forecast inside Lincoln Financial Field in South Philadelphia, for the 1:05 PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with 90% precipitation, 83% humidity, and northeast winds at 5 miles per hour.


Head Linesman Clay Martin leads his officiating crew assigned by the NFL Offices in NYC to supervise the field action.


NO injuries, try to win your second straight road game with and over an NFC East road opponent, and defeat the reigning Super Bowl LII Champions, keep the Fly Eagles Fly grounded this afternoon, and LET'S GO COLTS!!!!!   :rock:  :coltslogo:  :1colts:   :colts:   :coltshelmet:  :coltslogo:   :D


Colts @ Eagles Live NFL Game Center,  Team Injury Reports, And  NFL On FOX Early Regional Double Header Game In Yellow:











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Why in the **** are we on FOX today? The network is decided by the conference of the visiting team... 


I know the rules were modified somewhat in recent years to get more desireable games to a larger audience. But this game was scheduled for FOX when the schedule came out


Whatever the case I don't like it. FOX NFL broadcasts make the guys on CBS look like Rhodes Scholars 

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6 hours ago, SteelCityColt said:

@ Philly you say? I predict a riot.





4 hours ago, Coltsman1788 said:

Colts 23 Eagles 17


Wentz is rusty.  Luck is not.


Likely truth, but remember, Wentz hasn't been hindered in his throwing. And even in his rookie 2016 season, starter Bradford was traded last minute, and Carson performed well as a rookie.  Then at MVP level as a sophomore (until injury). He'll still be an upgrade over Foles, IMO.


56 minutes ago, shakedownstreet said:


Is that with the roof closed?


Yes, if the field roof is the Troposphere.  It will be closed with copious amounts of condensation, much of it affected by gravity.


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The forecast was accurate.  Rainy day here in New Jersey (about 100 miles out of Philly).  Not windy, though.  Just a calm, gentle rain.  The temperature isn't bad.  It would be cold if you were just standing out in the rain, but if you're exerting yourself it's comfortable.  This is the kind of rain that it is fun to play football in.

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Just now, shakedownstreet said:

I swear it appears as if FOX's intention is to make their broadcasts as stupid as humanly possible

Fox is 100% sensationalism. Flair over substance. 

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1 minute ago, Malakai432 said:

Not really seeming to generate any pressure on this allegedly weak Philly OL.  

Yes...it’s too easy for Wentz thus far.  Gotta make him test that gimpy knee. 

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    • Making it work through athleticism is an incorrect statement and does a huge disservice to Smith.  Smith is making it work at tackle by working hard and becoming a tackle.  I'm not sure what makes a "true tackle" but to me a guy that plays tackle and plays it very well is as much of a true tackle as anyone else. As far as AC (or AT if you prefer  ) aging... yup, every player on the team is aging so that is not a shock.  But he is still just 30 and tackles often play into their mid to late 30s so that is not much of a concern.  Not to say they won't draft a tackle in the next couple of drafts, but I doubt they will try to find a starting tackle in the next couple of drafts.
    • I didn't watch him much in college, I typically watch Big 10 football but I have watched him closely in the NFL and if the "experts" think he would make a better guard then yes I disagree with them.  While he would be a good guard in a zone blocking scheme like the Colts use, his lack of lower body strength and quick hand punch off the snap would hamper him going against NFL DTs.  Additionally, Smith does better when he has a bit of space to work with before engaging and that would not happen often at RG. Again what "most" people on this board or in general think has no relevance on anything.  It's not unheard of for a tackle to move spots but it is uncommon, it's happening a bit more in the past few years as the skillsets for RT and LT are becoming closer because it's not just the LT that is dealing with the speed rushers, but it's still not preferred among oline coaches and teams.  that is why guys like Haeg are considered valuable assets to a team, he's not a great lineman but he is good and he can switch sides seamlessly and that is rare.
    • Or maybe it's because he didnt claim Brissett "panicked" or act like he knows how good his vision is, and he isnt commenting on his read progressions.....you know things he couldnt possibly know anything about and dont show up on the film anyways.    
    • That was my thoughts.  If he was looking to Pascal first (and I'm sure he was), they had high / low bracket coverage, with low guy moving to Pascal but ready to reverse and cover Mack in the flat if he checks down. Big Q has his guy locked up right in the throwing lane to T.Y. but in position to bat down a pass. JB7 pulls it back here. He looks right (that extra 1/2 second) and both receivers are locked up (and actually one falling down in the end zone).   https://imgur.com/AYob5ov   Then decides to escape.     I think he waited a 1/2 second too long to leave.  He would have caused major issues to the defender covering the under receiver had JB7 escaped first and looked at the his options down field second.  Ryan Kelly just couldn't keep Chris Jones engaged long enough and thus he was on JB7 quickly forcing the throwaway once JB7 escaped the tackle box.   https://imgur.com/eXTWsJG   Maybe Glow is also inhibiting JB7's escape route too.   https://imgur.com/5Zk7Ttw     That was my feeling. I'd rather try again on 3rd down, or end up with 3 points (the end result), rather than turn over the ball and momentum by forcing it to Pascal there and getting a pick.  I'm not debating other times or other items he has to improve (but I'd like to see them on video before I join the criticism), just saw this one differently is all.   I think Reich has to devise and disguise the plays downfield better. And the young WR guys have to learn the plays and improve running the route tree.
    • Draft   23: R1P23 DL JAVON KINLAW SOUTH CAROLINA   35: R2P3 QB JORDAN LOVE UTAH STATE   55: R2P23 OT CALVIN THROCKMORTON OREGON   87: R3P23 LB TROY DYE OREGON   129: R4P23 S J.R. REED GEORGIA   166: R5P22 G NICK HARRIS WASHINGTON   201: R6P23 CB ESSANG BASSEY WAKE FOREST   203: R6P25 WR MICHAEL PITTMAN JR. USC   236: R7P23 CB KINDLE VILDOR GEORGIA SOUTHERN   As far as FA is concerned with our own players -TE: I'm not signing both Ebron and Doyle to big contracts. I'd pick one. Even with Ebron's drops, he still has more yards and TDs with the same amount of targets as Doyle. I'd probably resign Ebron and MAC, and let Doyle go unless he's will to sign a very friendly contract.   -WR: We'll have a decision to make with Funch depending on how well he does when he comes back. Both Pascal and Rogers are FAs, and I'd definitely try to upgrade at least one. Position wise, I think Rogers is more flexible, so I'd likely keep him if any. Really hoping Fountain comes back strong. Love what we were seeing from him.   -DE: Sheard? I just don't know. We need an upgrade at DE. Stinks that Turay is losing time due to injury. Regardless, I think I'd resign Sheard if it's a team friendly deal.   
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