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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • You dont hold 87 or 88 in any reverence for Harrison or Wayne, but 18 you do for Manning? Erm....?
    • Yep...the team even still uses him as a tweener...his sack against MIN was from DT.    I like AQM...but I am not really counting on either player to replace Autry. I assume there will be some type of investment into the position this offseason...at least I hope there is. You don't trade for and sign Buckner...to not put other really good talent around him. 
    • brissett did absolutely nothing in the KC game but throw a pick in the first half.  he threw lfor 27 yds in the 2nd half.   He looked like an 80s HS power I QB.  Just turn around and hand it or pitch it.
    • Hicks is the SB guy, right? He does football stuff. I don't have to agree with it all. He does seem more fanboy than previous SB guys (which isn't a hard bar to clear), but he appears to understand the game and takes the time to write about it.   But he's a blogger. He isn't part of the team's media pool, which is what I thought the OP was asking about.   Among the guys at the pressers, asking questions, interacting with the team and the staff, none of them really ask about the things that I would like to know more about. They get wrapped up in surface level stuff, and they ask superfluous questions about already covered topics. They lean toward being click-baity and sensational, making more out of the high level stuff than I care for, while not digging into the more detailed stuff that matters to me. (And Gregg Doyel is a troll.)   A question I'd like to hear asked and answered would be something relating to the team's screen game -- we haven't been able to run screens effectively since PM left, and this year they work a lot better, but we don't run a lot of them. Same for swing passes. What's that about it? Why are we better, and why don't we call more? Similar questions about play action.   And to be honest, I've stopped following the pressers very closely because they're so boilerplate. So it's possible that in recent weeks some of the questions I would be more interested in hearing answers to have been asked, but I've missed them. But I listened to basically every coach presser for several years, and didn't hear this stuff, so I doubt that they've changed their approach in the last six weeks.
    • There are 10.55 guys, and lower, that run into the mid 4.4s.  Just depends on both your early and late acceleration. The formula is just a guess.  
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