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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Heck, using that, let’s just put Wilkins or Hines or Taylor back there at QB... they can run too
    • I'd be fine with this. If the team can handle a possible distraction like Chad Kelly, they could handle Griffen assuming he's taking care of himself. My only issue with him is his age (32). Still seems to have some gas in the tank though. He's only on a one year deal, so not really sure what it buys Dallas. 
    • - Were not trading JB for anything. He will finish his contract this year and not be resigned. He wasn't released because we had ample cap and PR is one good hit away from retirement    - Eason was likely drafted as a long term backup QB with upside. He is not the future. He will likely serve as our backup QB for whatever FA QB we bring in next year OR draft  - PR will not get us anywhere close to a Super Bowl this year. He will do enough to keep us watching Colts games but throw enough INTs to prevent us getting past the 1st round of the playoffs if we even get there, which at this point feels like even a long shot    - Were in the non-franchise QB purgatory and will likely remain here for the foreseeable future. Teams hunt for years and have many failed attempts before striking QB gold. It’s needle-in-a-hay-stack rare that you have a 1st overall pick in a generational QB year like the Colts have had twice. No one is trading that opportunity away for any amount of draft picks  
    • “Hoyer looked good in relief”    He had 130 Yds, an INT and a fumble lost before he got benched. Way to show your credentials on evaluating QB play. The Patriots offense is also devoid of weapons, if he were on the Colts, the results would be a lot better. If Rivers were on the Pats, he would look a lot worse.
    • If only Houston would be dumb enough to trade D. Hop...
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