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    • How about:  Cody Ford, OT A.J. Brown, WR Zach Allen, DE   ?
    • The Cardinals have Kyler Murray and won't choose Lock at 33. They also have little to no leverage with Rosen talks now that the first round is over and they drafted Murray. They won't trade the 33rd pick because they'll have no draft to build upon after drafting Murray and trading their 2nd round pick. My question is, would you trade pick 34 for a 2020 first round pick to a team that wants Lock tomorrow? We'd have 8 picks left and be a little thin, but Ballard would of effectively traded the 26th pick for a 1st and 2nd rounder next year (and technically moving down from 34 to 46). The reward could be huge next year in both rounds (especially the 1st round).   So would you do it?  All comments are appreciated!
    • When I say weak draft class, im looking mainly at The 1st round depth. It’s not much. Even Ballard has said the 1st round talent this year is very too heavy and maybe has 15 guys with 1st round talent.    while the odds are that’s I am wrong, I feel this draft has the same feeling to me I got for the 2013 draft.  Some good quality depth,   A couple above average players here or there but really no super studs. Maybe 10-15 players that would grade out as a 1st round pick in any year. After that, most of these guys would struggle to go in the 2nd in most years.  That’s not to say they are bad, Just a step behind most drafts when looking at round per round.    Now that is my overall feelings on it. I think there’s is some very deep talent along the DL, some guys that will provide average production for a few years.    That’s also why I’m ok with trading back here. I would like to have gotten a better deal that included an extra pick this year in the later round. But it is what it is. 
    • one more thing: hopefully we will be picking close to last for years to come, and that makes it very important to try and get an extra pick in the second round as often as possible. Big difference between having just two late picks in first and second and sneaking an additional mid second round pick in. 3 instead of just 2 is important because none of those is going to be sure starters. There will be gambling involved that late.  
    • We obviously can't fully judge this trade before we know where Redskins end up in the upcoming season, but I would assume that Cowboys and Eagles win the division, so no play-offs for Redskins. They could end at pick 15 or worse, which would make it a decent trade for us.
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