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Player Name Game - Songs

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1 hour ago, Flash7 said:

Sheard it Through the Grape Vine (Heard it Through the grape Vine - CCR)

I Heard It Through The Grapevine was a Strong-Whitfield song written for Marvin Gay in 1968. 

CCR's version was a cover.  ---Just saying.

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Hit the road Jack Doyle - Ray Charles or Jumpin Jack (Doyle) Flash - Rolling Stones

I love rock and Rolle - Joan Jett

Bad Moon Rison - CCR

Fight for your Reich to party - Beastie Boys

Hey Joe (Haeg )- Jimi Hendrix or Haeg Ya - Outkast


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Colts Super Bowl edition. - Part One.


Yes sir, I can BOOGER (Baccara)

Rock Around the CLARK (Bill Haley and his Comets)

UTECHT Me Up (Thompson Twins)

A Hard WAYNE's Gonna Fall (Bryan Ferry)

Country RHODES (John Denver)

SATURDAY Night's all DWIGHT For Fighting (Elton John)


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