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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Lol, see prior post. .... and proven wrong again via historical post (I even provided the link to make it easy on you)... Sounds like you need to retreat to your safe space.  BTW, you're the only one attacking here. You're the one that started this engagement. Sorry to prove you unquestionably wrong via pic and historical post.. And like I said, I'm happy to provide a mod my log in for additional proof.... At the same time, you've provided nothing but dancing and deflection.   But, none of it matters, because your delusional and unhinged. I'd send you crayons and a coloring book if I could.
    • ive watched tua this year, lots of Alabama fans in my family   hes really accurate, processes the field quickly and makes a good throw most of the time  
    • I get what you are saying. I get that with JB we could win anywhere from 7-10 games most years but that we don’t want to settle for mediocrity. I just have felt that JB might just surprise us all next year. 
    • Our WRs are fine. Who needs a talent like Jerry? Would much rather continue the trend of having our QB try to drag along mediocre WRs. Seemed to workout so well for us
    • You're off the hook delusional. Here's a post from preseason last year prior to the start of the season where I talk about using a slingbox..... it was a 10 second search.   Wrong again... Not that it matters, because you're clearly wrong, but I've had slingboxes for 10 plus year. I had the earliest version which had a coax connector and tuner. I still have 3 later models including the "Pro" (which I don't believe they sell anymore), the 350 (connected at my home), and the M1 (connected at my mothers). Did I get 3 slingboxes, including ones they don't sell anymore, just to prove you're wrong lol.... Happy to take pics of the couple at my house, and like I said, happy to give my log-in to a mod that will show 3 different slingboxes in the app (via directory).    You're embarrassing yourself.
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