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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I would love to have that TE from Penn State whenever he decides to come out.
    • Yes he did what?    read the quotes   Chad72 said   Polian did give up a 1st rounder for Tony Ugoh, who he thought was a 1st round rated LT, in a trade with the 49ers. That happened due to the sudden retirement of Tarik Glenn after our SB win. At least that happened before the draft, unlike the Andrew Luck retirement,    Then I said   Actually, I think he moved up to take Ugoh, BEFORE Glenn announced his retirement.  Don't know if Polian was told privately or not.  The way it went down, I thought that Glenn saw Bill pick his replacement, so Glenn got po, ed and decided to just retire one year early. ( I think his contract had one year left)   I said later that he might not have been po'ed, (but I thought the terms were not totally friendly)   but when your boss tells you to lose weight and then drafts your replacement before you DECIDED to retire (in May, after the draft, as the article says)  that pretty much means he was partly pushed out the door.  Especially, as the article says, nobody tried to convince him to stay.   my comment wasn't exactly accurate (but you like to try to pounce on my inaccuracies anyway) but that's a far cry from saying that Polian drafted Ugoh after Glenn told him he was going to retire.     I mentioned it as an aside, and you choose to pick a fight over it.      The point was that Polian was preparing to move on from Glenn.  Ballard was not prepared to move on from Luck.  I think that was Chad's point.    
    • I agree.   On the bolded part: We did more than compete for the playoffs, we made it and won a playoff game.  
    • Love confirmed in that story above he had a meeting scheduled with the Colts. Funny how he just says who he has meetings with and Herbert won’t say anything.
    • Cardinals select Jerry Jeudy Jaguars on clock
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