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14 minutes ago, TYtheGHOST said:

Who are the playmakers on their defense that we need to scheme for other than Josh Norman? I’m not too familiar with their defense. They held the Cardinals to 6 points last week. 

I think they still have zach brown or whatever his name is its one of there linebackers ik his name is zach something

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On 9/11/2018 at 4:25 PM, Fisticuffs111 said:

Their defense is really solid. Jonathan Allen, DaRon Payne, Kerrigan, Zach Brown, and their DBs are no joke either. Dunbar, Norman, and good CB depth, and Swearinger back there at safety.

How many points do you think we put up?

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24 minutes ago, krunk said:

It's a Manusky defense. Andrew won't be fooled by much of anything they bring. He's seen that scheme for years. I think we will be prepared.


37 minutes ago, OLD FAN MAN said:

NO TDS 3 field goals =9

I don’t think there’s anyway we fall that flat. 17+ points is reasonable imo

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Watching the Redskins game last week, they had a pretty good Defense, even for them being on the road. Now, they are playing their first home game, and their D will be really apt up. That is why I think starting Watson vs. Tenn, is better than starting Luck vs. Skins in my fantasy league. Now Luck is 1000 times better than Sam, but watching their corners and safeties, they really close in fast to the receivers. 

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7 hours ago, VaAllDay757 said:

Their defense is ok at best....remember they have manusky as their DC

I watched some of Ariz vs Was and Arizona was gashing the Redskins in the running game using the same angle blocking plays and formations Bellichick used on Manusky years ago. Arizona had like 90 yards rushing before the 2nd quarter. Im sure we saw that on film. Thats why we are going with the H back this week. We are clear on how we want to attack im certain. We know this guy.

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You'd think Eberflus should be familiar with what to look for and prepare them well on D being he was in Dallas the last few years.


Im thinking first shootout of the year for us. 35-27 Colts... Hopefully..

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