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I am hoping that this does not turn into a negative thread, especially after a loss.


I haven't had a chance to watch the game. Listened to it and followed along on the computer. My questions is, aside from Leonard (who was everywhere) how did the other young guys do today?









S. Moore?


And anyone else that I may be forgetting.


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Hines looked far from the bust some proclaimed him. Wilkins looked ok, didn't have a ton of room to run. Nelson held his own against Atkins, he did not give up the sack but did have a holding penalty. Leonard was the leading tackler and looked really good. Turay had some really good pressure at times but also a bone headed horsecollar penalty.

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6 minutes ago, Btown_Colt said:

Unless I missed something, and I could have because I was switching back and forth between red zone and the game, Basham was invisible. I don’t remember seeing him getting any pressure or getting his name called. 

I saw a special teams tackle, that's about it. 

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