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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Not with JB at QB.  Averaging 150 yrds a game...yea, I wouldn't want to either.  The narrative of him being an MVP candidate was always ludicrous, and the only people that really believe that are those that want live in a fantasy and not reality.  The WRs out there won't buy it.  
    • What's the point of bringing anybody over. You draft a rookie WR, they get hurt, RBs, so does defense. This is a M.A.S.H. unit. Bring in durable players.
    • I honestly think this is a 50/50 share of blame. JB isn’t going to be confused for Manning but he isn’t Ryan Leaf either. I’m not even sure who his comparable is at this point because I can’t say I recall watching another QB like this. Saying that, what coordinator is incapable of building schemes to fit their players? A really good one will adapt to what they have and this team has seen JB play enough by now to know what they have. Lack of PA pass while murdering the opposition with the run is mind boggling. Not throwing to Doyle over the short to medium range in the middle of the field was also mind boggling. Trusting that your QB is finally going to connect on a deep pass when your game is on the line near the end is just stupid when he hasn’t shown he can do it all game long. Coaching decisions are borderline terminating type offenses in this league. I just can’t understand their logic this year.  I have highlighted an area that feels spot on about JB and I agree with most everything you put in here. Nice post.    the one thing we may differ in is if we can agree that JB is just what he looks like at this point and his ceiling isn’t much above what we are seeing, I’d really like to just take a look at Kelly during live fire and see what, if anything at all, we have with him. You would think at the VERY LEAST, Kelly could sink and dunk equally as well as JB has with the ability to go vertical. Even if you pull the risky vertical away from Kelly and just say dunk and dunk, he gives you the speed from his feet. The possible plus side if you say go play your game, is he able to throw a guy open and can he do that safely enough without being too high risk with the ball?    im not advocating that Kelly is the answer or anything remotely like that, I’m at the point though that I feel this team is stuck in the mid with JB and we don’t go far with him, regardless if the coaches can build better plans or not because he can’t seem to anticipate his throws deep. Kelly May or may not but let’s look at the kid and either check boxes or know that he is just another qb in this league. Idk    dang you Luck for pulling out of this team like you did. 
    • All these responses to the quotes deserve all the likes possible.
    • I was aware of this thread. 
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