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Colts @ Bengals Preseason Game Night Thread


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Thanks for coming to The Colts Game Day Forum for the final NFL Preseason Game in 2018,  finally  on tonight, Colts Nation!   :default_20smile:   Our Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals play the first of two games in the next 11 days.  


Colts are in Cincinnati tonight to play their preseason finale with the Bengals, and with a win, can finish their record at 3-1.


All NFL teams traditionally play their fourth and final preseason games, except the Hall-Of-Fame-Game,  in the last Thursday Night in August.


Bengals come back up across Interstate 74 northwest when they play the rematch when the results count for the regular season opener on September 9.


Colts and the Bengals, will sideline their veteran starters, and save them for play in the upcoming regular season, as tonight most of the veteran reserves and free agent players, and drafted and signed college players not selected in the recent 2018 NFL Draft,  try to advance themselves from the 90-man training camp roster, to impress the coaches and fans, and make the final 53-man regular season roster.


Colts, and the rest of the NFL teams later must meet the mandate 53-man regular season roster by 4:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time on September 1.


Colts and NFL teams on the following day can staff their 10-man practice squad as early, and after  as 1:00PM Eastern Standard Time.


Mostly cloudy skies at 80 degrees, feels like 86 degrees, is the game forecast inside Paul Brown Stadium, for tonight's 7:05 PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with 5% precipitation, 70% humidity, and mild northern winds at 5 miles per hour.


NO injuries, great luck on the players making the final 53-man roster with these same Bengals on Opening Week 1 on September 9, at the real LOS, and GO COLTS!!!!!  :coltslogo:    :coltshelmet:  :colts::1colts:   :coltslogo:   :rock:








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1 minute ago, CamMo said:

did Turay take out Barkley’s knee?

I think he did

1 minute ago, Coltsman1788 said:

Brissett needed to lead Pascal more there.  Could have been six.


1 minute ago, CamMo said:

“Their starters alone have 11 sacks this preseason.” 




Get JB out of there

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