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Colts Vs. 49ers Preseason Game Thread


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1 minute ago, PrincetonTiger said:

Not the rule but its enforcement


That's a lot of the problem.  JB just got hit in the chest by a SF player that led with his helmet yet no call.  The rule is so inconsistently called.  I saw a stat the other day that said about one third of the calls this preseason have been wrong.

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This is definitely the best QB situation we’ve ever had as far as depth is concerned. JB can still competently lead our backups to scores.  In the past when the starters came out it was time to tune out on the offense. 

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1 minute ago, PrincetonTiger said:


That sucks.  And wasn’t it his neck that ended his season last year?  

Just now, Coltsman1788 said:

Brissett favoing that knee again after that slide.

I think the tackler slid in and unintentionally kicked him on that tackle. 


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1 minute ago, Smoke317 said:

Our TE group is solid. Probably our best unit on the team. 

Yes we are deep there.  Who'd have thought after loosing Fleener and Allen only a year or two ago. 


We are good at safety as well when they are all healthy and on the field. 

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8 minutes ago, Colt Overseas said:

Good injured again.. 

If it’s an injury that will linger for weeks and weeks, it’s to the point that I’d just cut him.  Non availability makes him useless, despite his so called promise. 

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    • With so many ex-Colts on this team, it might get pretty emotional. Those Jets will either be extra fired up or extra intimidated. Time will tell, but I bet its a good game.
    • On 1070 the Fan today, they were discussing this and media people who were at the game last week said that the stadium could accommodate 15-20 thousand and still maintain social distancing. Probably too late to extend occupancy for this week... But for Cincinnati good possibility, especially since INDY easing constraints. We will see.
    • Fixed it for you.  For those that missed it (MNF, Cowboys/Giants game, I was listening in my car on Westwood One radio live) a black cat went onto the field while a play was in progress.  Kevin Harlan announced both the play, and cat movements simultaneously.  After the whistle, Harlan did play by play of the whole cat incident. It was really funny then, and still is now.  You listen to it here- Bob Papa (Radio voice of the NY football Giants) was calling the game as well, and also did play by play and stated "The cat, is not in the hat" at one point. A lot of folks had fun with it too.   The CAT, a football life-  
    • No, not exactly. Not even close. 
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