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Colts Vs. 49ers Preseason Game Thread


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    • This game will play out in two scenarios    #1 Colts blowout the Jets. #2 Colts make it a tougher game and win close.
    • Unless it's a very mild tear, from what I'm reading it will be somewhere between 2-3 months(if rehabbed without surgery) and 9-12 months if it's really bad and needs a surgery.    IMO we will know pretty quickly which one it is depending whether they put him on IR with return or without potential return by the end of the season. 
    • Anyone catch the Chargers and KC?     Crazy story - Tyrod Taylor started experiencing chest pains right after the coin toss.  He was up until then expected to play.  So they sent in Justin Herbert with no warning.   Granted it's only one game but Herbert looks legit.  I won't say he took over the game or anything but he for the most part made good decisions and some accurate throws.  Only made one big mistake when he took a big sack instead of getting rid of the ball.   Chargers ran the ball a lot though.  Plus while Herbert obviously didn't have the advantage of all the starter's reps in practice, KC didn't have the advantage of watching tape on Herbert or preparing to play him.     Regardless he looked pretty good for a rookie making his first career start.  
    • Seems a lot here are picking Ravens 
    • Gase needs to be fired immediately 
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