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Takeaway from Ravens game

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I absolutely hate it when the C doesn't put some speed on the ball when snapping the ball to the QB. It's like Joe Haeg was underhand pitching (passing) the ball to the QB. By the time the QB has to look the ball into his hands, The DE is almost in his grill, Thus the QB cannot read the freaking defense. Why haven't we signed a decent center instead of using an OT in Haeg?


Secondly, WE NEED to sign another WR like now. Grant has been horrible plain and simple through 2 games. And he's supposed to be a veteran dropping crossing routes under 5 yards? smh. I could continue but ill digress.


On the positive end of things, DE/DT Ridgeway and Audry have played really well through 2 games. Simon too. I like RB Wilkins who's running style reminds me of Bears Jordan Howard. He runs with a glide. I see why some compared him to RB Arian Foster. But it was a sloppy game with multiple fumbles and multiple penalties. Thoughts?


You know something...When I think about it.... WHERE IS SHEARD?? Colts are paying him like $8+ million and not one time has he flashed on the screen. He (SHEARD) is my biggest disappointment TBH. where is his leadership/veteran presents when you need him?

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