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Colts Vs. Ravens Monday Night Football Preseason Game Thread


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Welcome back, Colts Nation!   :default_20smile:  Our Indianapolis Colts continue the 2018 preseason, as they host the visiting Baltimore Ravens, as both teams conclude the Week 2 schedule of the NFL Preseason.


Our Colts concluded their 2018 Training Camp at the Grand Park Sports Campus in Westfield,  where they held team training camp since July 26.   Andrew Luck's complete recovery from his recent shoulder surgery, and his physical rehab, reportedly has him on track to start on Opening Week in the 2018 NFL Season, in almost two years vs. the Bengals.


Ravens  have also  arrived at Indiana to participate in their joint practices with, the Colts Training Camp at the Grand Park Sports Campus since Tuesday.   Both teams not only are playing for real tonight in an NFL, but most of the players, particularly the reserves, and  including the college players not selected, and signed after the recent 2018 NFL Draft, and veteran free agents,  play tonight in game conditions to impress  their  coaching staffs to try to make the final cut to the final 53-man regular season roster,  from the current 90-man preseason roster.


Last week's joint practice with the Colts and Ravens, also means the reacquatinance of the the two QB's and selection from the 2012 NFL Draft. #1 Overall Draft Pick Andrew Luck has been a Colt player the past six seasons, while #2 2012 NFL Draft Pick  Robert Griffin III, who also was the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner, was drafted by the Redskins, signed with the Browns, and now the Ravens as a free agent after a one-year absence.  


Both Luck and RGIII are only meeting the second time ever in an NFL game, both games including tonight during the preseason.  RGIII and Luck dueled at QB on opposing offenses, and RGIII's Redskins defeated Luck's Colts 30-17 at FedEx Field in Landover, MD, back on August 25, 2012.


Colts, all the NFL teams, and even the field officials collectively, are in an ongoing basis, continuing and adjusting to the new helmet, and punt/kickoff return, among the many new rules that were voted by the NFL executives and owners, during the league meetings this past off season,  and will be out for all to see during tonight's Colts/Ravens preseason contest.


Colts and Ravens also played in a preseason game also two years ago and played at LOS back on August 20, 2018.  Ravens DB Anthony Levine  intercepted, and scored a defensive two-point conversion from Colts QB Stephen Morris, after Morris threw a 7-yard TD pass to running back Trey Morris on the play prior, to make the game score 18-17 with 4:27 left in the fourth quarter.  Levine's INT made the final score 19-18. 


ESPN's new Monday Night Football's TV broadcasting team for the 2018 NFL Season of Joe Tessitore, recently retired Dallas Cowboys Tight End Jason Whiten, and Anthony Darelle 'Booger'  McFarland, are announcing . tonight's Colts/Ravens preseason contest, along with sideline reporter Lisa Salters, with kickoff from the real Lucas Oil Stadium,  right after 8:00PM Eastern Standard Time.


Long-time Colts radio play-by play announcer Bob Lamey also decided to retire from his stellar broadcasting career, despite signing his one-year contract, and after and into, one Colts preseason game announced from  Seattle earlier in August.   Matt Taylor will announce the play on an interim basis, joining former Colts QB Jim Sorgi in the booth, and they can be heard on WFNI ESPN SportsRadio 1070 AM, WLHK  'The Hank" Country 98.1FM, and The Colts Radio Network, beginning with the Pregame coverage at 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time.


NO injuries, we wish great luck to the Colts, and all NFL teams make the final 53-man roster after preseason. Protect And Defend Your 'Stable,' - Lucas Oil Stadium,. Stay True To The Blue, and LET'S GO COLTS!!!!!   :coltslogo:   :cheer::rock: :coltshelmet::colts::1colts:      :cheer::coltslogo:  :D


Colts Vs. Ravens 2018 Preseason Game Reviews, And Live NFL Game Center:









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Last week I was more hyped than I could ever remember being for a preseason game.  Now, though, for this game and the next two, I am just praying the Colts can get through the games with no injuries, as I anxiously await the arrival of the regular season. 


Go Colts ... and no injuries!

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Hello my name is mary and believe me i am not very knowledgeable of football but i go to games, practices for the colts for the love of my son Dustin Brewer my son lives and breathes the colts win or lose pre season or practice he is there. See i knew about his love for the colts from the book he wrote in 1st grade of what he wanted to be when he grew up and that was a colts player. Well we are going to be at the game tonight and i have always wanted to do something special for him but heck im just a kroger fuel center cashier never will have the means to give him an experience he would never forget at a colts game so i am asking if there is anyone that could help tonight i would be grateful but if not thank you all for listening to me rant lol I love you Dustin Brewer thank you for inviting your mom to go.

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I'm a lil worried about Andrew in this one.

The Ravens are gonna be head-hunting and Costanzo and Good are out.  I hope we stick a TE on the left side the WHOLE game.

as Forest's girl  Jenny would say...: "Run Andrew Run!"

protectin from our inexperienced RBs concerns me too.

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Just now, Smoke317 said:

Witten sounds like he likes the Colts.  So I’m quickly liking him on Monday Night Football. :thmup:  And Joe Tessitore’s voice sounds ready made for MNF...

Yes, he has a great voice. He is now doing Monday Night Football so I know he can't now but If he took over for Lamey I could live with it.

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    • Dreaming of division title was fun while it lasted lol. They said half the ravens PS is eligible to be called up Sunday. Lol. Guess it could be worse. Carrie should be ok filling in for rock if he goes on the covid list. But it hurts our depth. Odum can probably fill in ok for Blackman too. But we better hope we don’t have any injuries during the game. Offense needs to be on fire and just dream them. If they let the titans stay on the field for long drives we will be exhausted by the end of the game. The only good news is the titans lost their star LB and are down to their third LY. This might end up being a high scoring shootout.
    • Regardless of what you say. I don’t wanted argue. I have a good feeling we’ll be fine Sunday. Again what you said is asinine to not count points regardless of how we got them. The special teams is ranked 2nd or 5th I believe. That may also have something to do with it. Last Sunday was even evident to how good our Special Teams are.
    • I guess that is part of the reason the NBA is watched less and less each year.  Take the gambling aspect out of it there would be no fans. 
    • The online betting site I use just took the game off. That is not a good sign...
    • He’s very physical and aggressive which you would expect from a wrestler.  He’s got to control that.   Hell learn to trust his stuff and sort of relax.  He panics I think right now.  Relax, you are running with him, read his eyes and turn and find the ball.   That said he got hosed on the PI v MVS.  That was minimal for what usually goes on.   But, why the hell was he in man in the middle of the field on the goal line there is my question.  Coach should have stepped up and   said they put him in a bad situation there.
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