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Indianapolis Colts
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    • If the rumors are true the Lion's ownership said win next season or everyone is gone. If this is the case I can't see how a rookie QB is going to give them a better chance than Stafford.  Also they would probably be better off spending their #3 pick on a "win now" piece versus a rookie QB who may have to sit a year, or even trading down a bit and possibly acquiring a couple immediate impact players. But who knows with all the misinformation this time of year. 
    • Let's cut it guys. Calling people liars and mental I don't think belongs on a team Forum. Just my opinion but lets try to stay on Colt topics please.
    • I hope we go DT first BUT, and this is big, you go with your highest rated players.  I know people don't like to hear that but it's true.  You simply can't just draft for need.  That has killed a lot of GM's and let a lot of fans down.     With that said, I have Jeudy as my non-professional, purely fandom #6 best rated prospect in this entire class, regardless of position.  I think he's that good.  So getting him at #13 would be, to me, a coup.  And I think he will produce immediately at the next level.   And to those saying why draft a WR when you don't have a QB that can get it to him?  You are thinking too narrowly.  You don't draft for ONE year.  You BUILD a team the best way you can.  And you do that by taking the best players available when they come to you.  Whether you get the QB you need this year, next year, or 2 years down the road is irrelevant to drafting the BPA in THIS draft.  Every year is different, FA factors in, trades happen with much more regularity now, and you never know what will happen with injuries, etc.  This does not even take into account draft day trades and pick trades which are common now too.  I mean was ANYBODY thinking Luck would retire prior to this season?  Of course not.  Sure, if the QB you want is there, you take him.  But if he isn't, you take someone else who will help you just the same at another position and wait for your QB in another situation.
    • Yes I do realize this.  Ballard is t on the hot seat.  I said if they aren’t sniffing the playoffs in 2yrs there will be a rumbling for change.  NFL work is a job.  People are handed a tough job all the time and have things happen that aren’t their fault.  It doesn’t change the fact that leadership will always be responsible regardless of most circumstances.  It’s not fair but that happens a lot in anyone’s career.  Either he responds effectively and all is good or in two years it still looks the same.  Time will tell. I think he is qualified for the job. 
    • It could have nothing to do with his medicals. Maybe teams are impressed enough with Love or Herbert that they just decide it’s to big of a risk. I don’t think he has to be able to play in 2020. Miami has indicated they are bringing Fitzpatrick back.     The biggest thing for me with TUA is what are the chances arthritis grows in that hip and cuts his career really short. Also he has had so many injuries which usually carries over to the pros. I hope for his sake and the colts sake he gets to work out before the draft and looks good.
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