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Andrew Luck vs Seattle


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    • I wonder if Rock might be held out of this game with his ankle and the bad weather. Don’t be surprised if TY is held out too with that quad. 
    • Campbell said he’ll vlog his recovery probably get more info than the Colts who continue to be vague lol.
    • East and I used to talk about this.  It was difficult to see what the club had in mind with their drafts.     I thought and still think that they would love to be an aggressive C2 type of team or a Tampa base type.  Drafting Rock seemed like evidence of this.  He seems like a hard C2 corner who is going to help close down the EDGE and beat up on releasing WRs.     But then we had just gotten Hooker who was the classic single high C3, C1 centerfielder, So WTPH?  We drafted Leonard who obviously wasn't and is probably never going to be a a great coverage LB.  And we've never even tried to get after a coverage LB as far as I can tell.     Then we get Blackmon which would make one think that we were going to have him come up and hit, but then we were dropping Hooker before the Achilles, because he was a budding star in the single high and then had a mediocre year in more of a 2 high scheme, then improved and we decided we didn't want him.   But overdrafts at DE, have really ruined any plans.  Hopefully Dayo and Paye pan out and we get the Front 4 pressure the D desperately needs. I am not convinced they will.  I like Paye but the ole Undeveloped pass rusher thing hasn't been great lately.    It's pretty hard to figure out, and I think we are a mess on D. 
    • Can’t blame the general manager when there aren’t quality backups on the team? Can’t blame the head coach for poor play calling and game management? Are you upset that people aren’t happy the Colts are terrible this year and weren’t prepared to play a long season.   The Ravens had a ton of injuries (a couple season ending) to start the year and they are playing well. It’s Ballard’s fault for not having quality backups pieces (and the Colts DO NOT have many) and it’s Reichs fault for allowing the Colts to lose these “winnable games” So yes, it is their fault.   Also, Colts are middle to high in the league for injuries every year, sometimes it’s not “unlucky” sometimes it the way training staff and medical staff handle the players.        
    • The 53 man roster was extended when the 10-man PS became 16.    But, the NFL needs to do away with trimming the 53 to 46/47 on game day.   This has never been a good idea.    Ive read in the past that the weaker franchises are in favor of this rule as they think it helps them be more competitive with the better run franchises.    It’s time to man-up and play all your players. 
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