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Collts @ Seahawks Preseason Game Night Thread


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Greetings, and welcome back to Colts and live NFL Football, and here in  the Colts Game Day Forum, Colts fans!  :default_20smile:  Our Indianapolis Colts are in the Pacific Northwest region of our USA, as they begin their enduring 2018 NFL Season, as our Colts play the Seattle Seahawks in the first of four preseason games.  Though tonight is just and only their first preseason game, the Colts will try to win in Seattle during the preseason since 2000.


Matt Taylor and Rick Venturi return this summer to announce  the live game action all four Colts preseason games, along with sideline reporter Caroline Cann live on WXIN FOX Channel 59 in Indianapolis, IN, and the Colts TV Network.


Clear skies at 75 degrees is the local game forecast inside CenturyLink Field for the 10:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with mild northern winds at 4 miles per hour.


NO injuries to the both the Colts and Seahawks players, as they audition this month to make the cut from the current 90-man team roster in the preseason, to the final 53-man roster in September, and LET'S GO COLTS!!!!!


Colts @ Seahawks Preseason Game Preview, And Live NFL Gamecenter:





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Thanks for getting us off on the right foot this year, LOS.  Looking forward to seeing some rust-shedding from #12 in his first live performance in over a season.  I know we won't see a lot of fun stuff from either side of the ball, more the basics to see where we stand, but it's still football!


Can't wait to see Nelson, Hines, Cain and Smith get some burn on the offensive side, and Leonard on the D side.  C'mon rookies, let's see what you've got!

GO COLTS!  All day, every day.

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Things Im looking for:
O-Line (Nelson) and how he handles someone other than a Colts defender not named Autry


Defense: How they react to what develops, if they're just slow to react or if they're just not up to it (possible scheme errors?)


Run Blocking


O-Line scheme









So like, thats all I care about is really the O-Line. Like, thats all. They're going to be the biggest indication of how this season rolls

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Looks like I’m going to get hit with  a strong thunderstorm right around kickoff, and will probably lose my satellite signal! Anybody know if the game will be replayed later this week?


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25 minutes ago, Moe said:

Looks like I’m going to get hit with  a strong thunderstorm right around kickoff, and will probably lose my satellite signal! Anybody know if the game will be replayed later this week?


NFLN will have it multiple times

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3 minutes ago, tweezy32 said:

Any websites I can stream the game on my computer?  Don't get the game where I'm from..  Like any weird websites that stream sports for free lol? 


Sorry, can't post those here

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