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Indianapolis Colts
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    • You just mentioned all of the reasons why they would be interested in Carr and Teddy as well since he also has been referred to as being similar to JB but better.  They were happy to have JB as the backup to Luck.  No reason to think they wouldn't want an even better version of him as their new QB.   
    • I agreed with what they said on Jacoby. All they basically said is that the colts don’t hate him so much they aren’t going to panic and just bring in anyone. It has to be the right fit and a clear upgrade.
    • He probably will, but that doesn't mean the Colts are one of those teams.   Despite CB showing interest in watching Love,  I haven't seen any of those even speculative rumor mill things like  "sources say to not expect Love to get passed the Colts at 13 or 34" that are sometimes said about players.
    • Agree with your greater point. I don't think they are biased against him or haters or anything like that. I think they are really afraid of the low end of the possible outcomes for Love. I recognize that low end possibility too... I'm just not as averse to it as they seem to be. They seem to value high floor a lot higher than high ceiling. IMO that's the exact wrong thing to value in a QB prospect. High floor if not accompanied with high ceiling translates into mediocre QB in the league, that will lose you half a decade in no mans land. I'm just OK with the boom or bust nature of Love. If he's not going to be great, I'd rather learn it as quick as possible so we can move on.    About your Ballard point - IMO GMs don't schedule a travel 1500 miles on a random November weekend during NFL season to watch Utah State vs Boise state for a mid-late round prospect. IMO there are a lot of legitimate indications that the Colts are considering him much higher than what you are suggesting. Now maybe they consider him and they think he's not worth it, or they don't like him enough at the end(very possible), but IMO it's been plenty clear to the whole NFL that Love is a R1 or R2 prospect and that seems to be the way they are approaching him. That's why you won't find a mock anywhere without him being taken at the very least in the second round. He got an evaluation from the draft advisory board and I really doubt as the youngest QB in this draft he would have declared if they didn't give him a high grade. 
    • Oh ok I thought this was actually news not colts fan speculation
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