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    • I had us 9-7 just based on guessing/hoping/predicting Luck would be healthy and play great. I was right but a lucky guess, I guess  . I thought that would get us a 6th seed. We won 10 games which got us in.
    • For the first time in a while, I am impressed with the Colts development of players. If this current trend continues, a lot of opinions will change. 
    • I had us going 10-6 and winning the AFC South. I knew with Luck back we'd be at minimum .500, and I thought by adding Nelson, Ebron, and Cain, our O would be pretty decent, and enough to take the South. We were 10-6, but didn't win the South.  I wasn't counting on our D being as good, so I guess they overachieved. Honestly I'm still not sold on our D. This year will be a much bigger test.
    • There appears to be a possibility that the Pacers acquire 31-year-old Eric Gordon, the shooting guard for the Rockets.   Houston wants Jimmy Butler but they don't have cap space to sign him. The 76ers would have to sign Jimmy and trade him to Houston. But Houston cant send the 76ers matching salaries because Philadelphia already has to sign Tobias Harris, JJ Reddick and soon Embid and Ben Simmons..   So the 76ers and Houston have to find a third team who could acquire some salary. In the theory of this trade: That team would be the Pacers who would take the final year of Eric Gordon's contract at $15 mil   Obviously, Gordon is an IU grad and Indianapolis native. He comes off the Houston bench behind Chris Paul and James Harden. 16.2 per game last year and 16.7 for his 11-year career..   Forgetting how crazy Houston's locker room would be with Paul, Harden and Butler, is there a downside to acquiring Gordon, who would start until Oladipo returns? We might have to give up next year's No.1 pick.
    • Here is a serious question, does anyone want to win the NL Central? I mean seriously  . We are winning it but just give games away like the Brewers and Cards do as well.
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