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4 hours ago, Myles said:

Is there a league for this forum?

There are actually a few leagues on this forum with just Colts fans.

I know Narcoys has his PPR league setup and the other is the Elite/Joe's League (which is very competitive).


The top two teams from the Joe's League and the bottom two teams in the Elite League switch places every season. We have spots open in the Joe's League if you are interested. I am commish of the Joe's League by the way.


If you want to see the discussion about the Elite League rules check out the forum topic "Fantasy Football 2018 League."


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15 hours ago, Hamboning Will Save URLife said:


I was in the Elite league last year. Do you have any spots open in your league? Unfortunately I was second to last in the Elite.☹️

If that is the case you should have moved to our other fantasy league. Were you here under a different name?

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The Joe's league should have spots open, from what I know. Colt92 should be able to hook you up, you guys are right on time for that. :) 

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    • I respect that. Glad we have fans like you! As I posted above I have been to around 50 home games total since the team moved to Indy in 1984. Mostly great memories. Most were in the Peyton era, a few in the Luck era. I was also lucky enough to see Dickerson a couple of times back in the 80's and Harbaugh a couple of times when he was here in the 90's. I am just older now and don't want to mess with crowds or traffic anymore. Paying for over priced food and beer too. I ate at St Elmo after most games but loved to drink beer at games and beer was expensive. I just have everything at home I need now. Laptop, big screen TV, and I can buy a 6 pack for as much as 1 beer cost at a game. If my old gang of friends were still around they could probably talk me into going to a game but like I posted above, 1 got married and just spends time with his wife and another friend of mine moved to Florida. So those days are done for me. One of the best times I actually had was the away game we went to in 2004 at Chicago. We stayed that Saturday night and got drunk and some Irish Pub downtown Chicago until like 5am, bars stay open late there. Then we went to the game that Sunday (hungover). It was fun though.
    • Ugh I know you’re joking  don’t get that started lol, the trolls will stop reading at the question mark and it’ll be a long morning
    • You may be entirely right.   But I wouldn't bet on that.   These days, teams in all sports typically want to know if their fans are enjoying their game day expereince.   Besides wins and losses,  do fans enjoy the stadium,  are the hot dogs hot and the cold beer cold?    Are they surrounded by loud, obnoxious drunks,  do they have to stand in line to use the bathroom?   Do they like the halftime show?    Can they get in and house of the stadium facility with ease?   If the letter never gets to Irsay,  that's fine.   But I wouldn't be surprised if there is one person, maybe more,  in charge of the "game day experience."    That person works with the stadium and local authorities.   I'd hope those people would get the letter.    The owner of a successful company does not want to take their customers (fans) for granted.   Especially during a tough rebuild period.   Just a different perspective....  
    • As long Jordan Love not in a Colts uniform i am happy
    • Forget the draft value chart.  I think that is woefully short of what it would take to move up to 6 or 7.
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