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Long time between games

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This weekend in the Australian Rules competition, Alex Johnson makes his return to senior football for the Sydney Swans.  Alex's last senior game was in the 2012 Grand Final--just under 6 yrs ago. Since that game he has undergone 5 knee reconstructions. Although I support the Greater Western Sydney Giants, I can't help but hope that he has a great game this week.

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    • Positive - now we can finally get rid of Reich unless the plan is to tank. Then he stays…
    • I’m not sure if this is gonna be a very good QB class,I’m not seeing it with Bryce Young or CJ Stroud.If Colts get a top 10 pick maybe defense or OT instead.
    • Anyone who says Nelson is elite anymore is not looking at tape.  
    • Good:   Defense played good in the second half and decently all game for the most part. Titans barely had to go that much distance due to the turnovers in the first half. I don't have much beef with anyone on the D today. They could have done better against Henry, but it's Henry... They gave the offense a few chances to win the game.   The WRs and TE were used better this week, but the pass game isn't going to carry this team if the run game is as pathetic as it currently is. The run game has to be this teams strength.   Garbage:   Going from the best running attack in the NFL to the worst with JT still back there is a testimony on how terrible the OL and the coaching is. It's just pathetic and the OL coach deserves to get fired.   Taylor had a horrible fumble, but if people start saying he's the problem with the run game, I'm going to go mad. Please use your eyeballs and common sense and notice the OL getting destroyed on the line of scrimmage. Please. Thanks.   Ryan behind this horrible OL isn't going to look good. I honestly don't think any QB outside a Manning/Brady type could do much with this OL. Nelson played badly today, as did pretty much the whole OL as a whole.   The AFC South opponents know how to handle the Colts handedly and Frank makes no adjustments. That's a death sentence in the NFL.   It's just an undisciplined and terribly managed team atm. Despite what others say, I still think they get their crap together later on in the season. But that's the thing... It won't matter at that point. We did the exact same thing last year and the Colts did excellent in the second half of the season. But, the damage was already done since we were playing catch up.   And Leonard is probably out for longer now. He shouldn't have been playing to begin with, regardless of what some *ic fans on social media that like to imagine they would be tough enough to play in a NFL game after a surgery think. Stupid decision.     
    • the colts can go get sean payton tomorrow and they would still not win more than 6 games .  the team stinks no talent
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