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Saquon Barkley's fantasy projection

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What do you guys see as his projection as a yearly fantasy player?


I ask because I have the #1 pick in my dynasty league rookie draft, and obviously if I don't trade the pick for a king's ransom I'm taking Barkley.


I just am curious to see what you all think he could be like. Could he be the next LaDanian Tomlinson, or with the way offenses are now today, could he have a lighter load than Tomlinson did which will limit his opportunities? 

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id say he'll be a 1300 yard 10 td average player

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I'm a huge fantasy football guy but have almost no shot at Saquon in any of my leagues.


That being said, the Giants' top 4 RBs last year combined for 368 carries. I'd pencil in Barkley for about 75% of that and that is if they dont run more. So I'd say 275 carries.


If Darkwa and Gallman can average a combined 4.4 ypc last year, then Barkley should at least match that.


So that's 1200 yds on the ground


The Giants RBs totaled 97 catches last year. Let's say Barkley gets even 40% of that. That's 40 catches at a minimum of 6 yards per catch (that's what Darkwa, Gallman and Vereen averaged). So that's roughly another 250 yards.


And I agree that he is around a 10 or so total TD guy.


I think his floor (if healthy) is 1450 total yards, 40 receptions and 10 total scores.


If he did that he would be an immediate top-15 RB and he would be knocking on the door of top-10 if they ride him even harder or if he outperforms the averages of last year's Giants' RBs.


Since their line has improved, their offense will open up more w Beckham back, and the Giants did not take this man in the first round in the top 5 to sit him, I think he could approach 1750 total yards and 12 scores. That would make him around a top-8 or so RB based on last year.


Sky is the limit for this kid.

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