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Indianapolis Colts
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    • He best  thing that could happen is getting a stud DT there then also get the QB they want with that WA pick. But do they take a chance hoping the QB they want us still there. There is a lot of QB needy teams. Not sure we can take a risk waiting if we feel the guy we want is there in the first. A lot though can change If there is a DT in FA we can get. 
    • Not just about using zone 90% of the time but at least dissuading coverage shells, sending different blitzers even if you're only rushing 4 etc etc.    As you say, pose questions of the O, don't give them the answers before the test.
    • So much of what this fan base harped and complained about Pagano with. Half hearted run game, then just completely quit trying it. When your team is just about done anyway, why did the staff just roll over and play dead so many times? And why does a defense who shows they can not play in zone at all, why do they keep trying to do so and then allow millions of yards in huge chunk plays? This teams approach since Manning has left has become somewhat laughable in how it approaches situations. Maybe Manning went back to the staff and said NO, this is nonsense how we are playing and I am doing XXX. Idk but we certainly go flaccid way too often. Hell, I’m shocked we didn’t pull Leonard to “rest him” during the game because he made too many hard plays. I suppose we are just going to maintain a ho hum type of mentality to play a game. Hopefully on our week off, instead of practice, we can rest the entire team and read Christmas stories to one another in team meetings. You know, to rest the hard working guys. Just crazy how passive this team is. 
    • Rushing in 2019 compared to 2018 the Colts have: A better Y/A  A better 1st down % On average 5 more rushing attempts per game   So I'd call bogus on the above, which lends weight to the line not being as much of a problem as people have tried to make out. We're rushing more efficiently, we're rushing more, despite not posing as much of a deep threat.   Interestingly to the last point, teams don't really stack the box against us, Mack has only seen 8 in the box on 11% of his snaps. The league high is 40%.. I'll let people guess which RB that is (they do have over 150 rushing attempts). 
    • I agree.    I also think the proper usage is not using it 90% of the time.   Gotta at least make the offense figure you out.  The Colts pretty much had a flag stating what coverage they are using.   
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