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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Kickers are always weird.  It is the most mentally draining position on any team.   When you get older, it takes longer to heal, physically, intellectually, and emotionally.  I also guarantee that he is more aware and disappointed about his performance than anybody else.  I hope, and believe, he will bounce back.                      
    • we have seen him for a full season though and he looks pretty similar to 2017.  Check the numbers if you dont believe that.   JB has a lot in common with Mariota, efficient game managers that can win with strong running game and defenses but most peopled dont believe they will win a ring.  im not even mad either i hope they do well this year but keep an eye on QBs in the draft or maybe FA
    • Titans have made the playoffs once in the last 10 years.  Chargers twice i nthe past 9.  Not really "regulars."  And whatever being "better" on paper means, it's the NFL and any team can win any given day, despite how a roster is composed.     I'm not saying they're bad, good or whatever, except that "on paper," they have the same record as us and while the Titans looked good against Cleveland last week, they were unimpressive this week.  Which Titans are the real Titans?  I don't know, hence, underwhelming, at least the version we saw yesterday.  The Chargers played us closely, but they missed a ton of opportunities yesterday.  I think they had a turnover, interception maybe, when they had two TDs called back because of penalties.    I'm not trying to naysay so much as be realistic about what Jacoby is doing.  He's serviceable.  Not a guy that's your first choice to lead your franchise.  I can't even say he's top 16.  If he's not cracked that list, our going to a super bowl while he's under center just does not seem very plausible.  Not this year anyway.  And if not ever with him, then we should start looking to replace him in next year's draft.  And thus far, unless he shows me something else, particularly against top tier competition, that's the direction we're headed.
    • Dropping a game or 2 to elite teams is inevitable.  This is not an elite team.  It has the building blocks but hasn't had multiple years to grow together like the Chiefs and Patriots.  It will take time, and in the meantime we do have to accept that there are better teams than the Colts right now.  that doesn't mean we can't put up a fight against better teams on paper.  Heck we just did.  Arguably twice.
    • I think the hardest pill to swallow is that we all thought this was the year Luck would win us a SB leading the helm.    Now, it's going to be a lot more difficult, but not impossible. However, if Joe Flacco can win a SB, I think Brissett will be just fine!  The Chargers were 12-4 last year. Tennessee almost made the playoffs last year and just demolished a good browns team. Saying they are underwhelming teams is inaccurate. 
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