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Stampede blue story on Ballard


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A story about the draft vs building from within. Check it out.  It does. a VERY good job of giving the reasons Ballard may not have spent big in FA.

a very well written story.  Perhaps the best story i have seen in regard to Ballards overall plan and how FA and the draft fits in his vision.

  I think when Ballard gets this team built the way he wants (another year?), we'll see him target more "big names" to fill SPECIFIC needs....when we are ready to make a legitimate run.

but ... read the story!

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    • Like i said, theres no purpose to a 84, 95, etc cuz you are looking at that uni every week. The Colts, thankfully, havent ruined the logo by updating (dolphins, jets, ) or change color schemes every other year, or doing the predictable black uni thing.  You actually have to go back to a 1956 year to actually get a “throwback”, or significant difference. And acknowledge Baltimore?  Why?  Because they treat the team so well now?  To heck with Baltimore.  They werent interested in this one once, and now They have a new team.   The Colts are in Indy.  They dont “belong” to Indy.... merely based there.  Like basically every team except the Packers i guess.   Im in Pa, a couple hours from Baltimore.  I could have got a divorce, and switched to the ravens and been at every home game , but ............. NAH..... i have too much history and, well, just no.  Never even a debate of Ravens, steelers, or eagles. I’m a Colt till death.  Maybe beyond if Shirley McClaine knows anything.      
    • Pascal has not exactly played well as the number 3 receiver.  It would be great if Campbell could make it back. 
    • Color Rush jerseys are absolutely fabulous.  Need to be worn multiple times a season and definitely in the Super Bowl when we go back.  We’ve never won the big game in our blue jerseys.  The Color Rush will be the ones to finally get it done.
    • No problem, my alma mater is an FCS school that made the playoffs the last 2 playoffs for the first times in 30 years.    And with regards to final point. The first round, is based on teams that are close to each other. Like for example. My school, Missouri State faced Tennessee-Martin as they were close to each other. They look at all the playoff teams that are not seeded and assign two teams that are one different conferences (unless they didn't play that year, then they can be assigned) and two close to the other team. They will not have a CA team play a SC team for example. Then the second round they assign the games before round 1. They do this to save the money. 
    • It just seems kind of clumsy and orchestrated. If you are going to do a 1956 throwback, actually do it with the players that were on the team. Acknowledge they were the Baltimore Colts at that time, not the generic “ Colts .”  Don’t put modern day players into old throwback films that were doctored. It’s not about splitting team history, it’s about getting NFL history correct.  I can’t certainly speak for Indy, but I think most fans would rather have an 84 ,95 , or 06 throwback , rather than a 1956 one they know nothing of. I’m not counting some of you guys because I know you know Colts history, but probably most fans.   
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