Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

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3 hours ago, krunk said:

Yeah because you ain't been following the argument.  Trying to jump in late with your 2 cents.    The issue was about Surprise Cuts and people were saying that about Simon based on scheme fit.    You're late to the table homie

I read the whole conversation "homie". I will not get the thought out of my head that John Simon could get cut because there's a great chance of it happening and it could be due to scheme fit.


Just because Ballard thinks he'll fit in the system doesn't make it reality. He has to prove it on the field.

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11 hours ago, krunk said:

He pretty much got rid of them before anyone could get deep into those issues. It was kind of questionable what our plans were with Hankins and Anderson reading the tea leaves because neither one of them knew exactly what their roles were going to be.  That's was a bit shocking to me because you would think if we had plans for them to start they would know what their roles were and how they would be used.   


Ballard basically answered the stuff people brought up.  They didn't bring up issues with Anderson and Hankins before he got rid of them so he didn't have to answer it.  If they did bring it up I'm sure he'd say something like "Well the staff is still figuring out what they do best, but they are both good players" or something to that effect.

True. I guess we’ll see. But there’s a lot of more prototypical DEs on the roster now.

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At the risk of getting caught in the crossfire of the "I'm not stupid, you're stupid" arguments that seem to plague these boards, I'll attempt to answer the OP:


My surprise starters would be:

Deon Cain starting at outside WR opposite Hilton

Skai Moore starting at deep MLB


Both guys were either draft low or not drafted at all, but have the specific talents that apply to their particular projected positions.  Those positions also being fairly up for grabs, either by the lack of talent or by scheme switch.

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Wide Receiver is actually kinda tricky. I really like the guys we have. Behind TY, I wouldn't be shocked to see any of the next 4 start (Chester, Fountain, Cain, Grant). Add Hines getting slot reps too and I love our WR core as an under the radar group of playmakers.


At RB, I think Hines will get a lot of reps, but I do think Mack is the starter assuming he's full-go. Curious to see if Wilkins pushes for more reps, though.


On defense, I wouldn't be surprised if Walker, Basham, and Skai Moore are all day 1 starters.



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