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    • Really can’t afford Turray to flop bc of laziness. I hope he gets his act together and realize he could become the #1 guy on the line come contract time.  That could mean millions or could mean his job.  I’ve unfortunately have done this with multiple people with great potential in my company.  When up for their review, instead of getting a raise they are given their walking papers due to lack of performance and laziness. I found out quickly you can’t teach work ethic and professionalism.  Either they have it or they don’t. 
    • Never mind, I read last years thread again. I’m good to go.
    • Thats the key to sustained success. Hopefully your team can keep choosing players that fit their system and adapt as times and players change.  I believe we do have that in place.  In a couple years it should be a well oiled machine and legitimate SB contenders. 
    • Refresh my memory please...I know we did it like this year but I don’t recall all the specifics.   Wasn’t it stay the same spot or pick an open spot? I don't recall picking any spot you wanted. I thought we had a couple opening last year which is why we did it?
    • Yep, I think there’s a lot of talent in the WR corps, but I’m not sure who’s gonna really step up.  With the talent there, though, I’m sure that Reich will make the receiving corps into twice the unit that anyone in the media thinks it can be...
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