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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Yep, this will be key IMO. This is what will either make or break his stock. Is he going to be Mahomes/Josh Allen and win over the coaching staffs or is he going to be Deshone Kizer-type?    This is the low end comp that I cringe everytime I think about it, but I cannot deny it - this is what he might look like if he can't process things, if he is not coachable, etc. This is the other side of the flip coin.
    • Yeah, my concerns with Love locking on to his first read and IMO just struggling with reading the defense at times make me tentative.   I’m just worried that his mistakes are going to be very hard to correct. Love everything about him when it comes to his arm, decent mobility, etc. But I’m very curious how he’ll do when it comes to the white board interviews.
    • I think some of the injury history comes from how Alabama uses their QBs   He is a run option threat, and he takes a boatload of hits when he runs   IMHO, I would let him spend more time in a pocket, and only run when absolutely necessary   Its been written that he is a great locker room person, and has a great release with excellent accuracy.   He is a great passer at all levels...... IF...IF he is healthy, he is a target to move up to grab, IMHO   He is reported to have an average arm strength though, which can be worked on
    • Absolutely love this draft!! I would be very happy if this happened, it would fill a lot of needs and give us quite a few potential year one contributors.
    • Try this one for the flash(the arm, the off-script on the move throws, athleticism). This specific 2018 highlight vid doesn't have some of his most impressive throws for the year. In 2018 he was playing more within the structure of the offense, because he had better protection and better weapons(and playcalling). In 2019 his protection was horrible and he had to run for his life a ton and his receivers were dropping a ton of balls. Not only did he lose his whole coaching staff in 2019, but also lost 9 of the other 10 starters. Including all offensive linemen + he lost 2 more offensive linemen to injuries by game 3.    It's a weird juxtaposition, because part of what you write is correct - a lot of his high end appeal is his ability to make plays off-script, but at the same time when things collapsed around him was when he was making a lot of his mistakes(had passing rating of 51 under pressure for example), but when he was kept clean and his receivers won their routes he was money - he was no. 2 in the entire country(only behind Burrow) on big time throws(23) when his receiver had 1 step or more of separation and had only 2 turnover worthy plays on such throws. IMO a lot of his troubles come when he leaves the pocket and tries to play hero ball and make too ambitious of a throw. His decisionmaking in such situations needs improvement. Sometimes he just needs to throw it away or run out of bounds IMO. A lot of it will be up to coaching. But you also don't want to cut his wings when you are talking about his off-structure plays because he can makes a ton of exceptional plays too. Rein him in, refine his feel for when it's OK to try some of those throws, eliminate the silly ones.    About his arm - another juxtaposition - he has amazing touch. IMO this is why people don't get how strong his arm is - because they expect everything to be thrown with 100 miles an hour fast ball and he doesn't throw like this unless he needs it... in fact he throws almost everything with touch. Even some of the 50 yard bombs are thrown with great arc and drop like descended with a parachute in his receivers laps. But the arm-strength is easily visible... even some of the next gen measurements at the Senior Bowl confirmed it. I posted them somewhere in the Senior Bowl thread if you want to check them out. 
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