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As good of a pick as Nelson was...

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    • Dolphins just  hammered the Jags.  I do not have a lot of faith in this Colts team. I expect the offence to improve as the season goes along.   I have little faith in the scheme and less in Eberflus. 
    • I think you could argue QB is at least deeper.  When he got her tolizen was the backup and whatever you think of Jacoby he’s better than him.  Add in Rivers, Eason, and, Kelly and it’s a lot deeper.  None of them are as good as Luck clearly but it’s deeper.
    • Welp, either Miami is really good (they're not), or Jags are still the same Jags.  31-13 loss at home..... Yes, I'm still unhappy about our week 1 bone headed game plan lol
    • It's absolutely results that matter. But most get grace when it comes to injury (Campbell). We were seeing something out of PC, just keeps getting knocked out. Pittman is TBD. I liked the Pittman pick, but still wish we would have taken Claypool. I guess I just really liked we went for an early big-X type WR, given it's been lacking for a long time.    I didn't like the Grant signing at all. Didn't really care for the Funch sign, but thought it was at least an attempt to address big-X. I was probably less happy with the $ than the person if I'm honest.   But like I said, I can't fault the effort, and can't really fault the "who" he went after.  I agree on all of this too. One thing I'd add, is that the QB woes have impacted WR and TE development. That's no longer an issue, so we should be able to see some fruits of the labor this year, assuming the ones picked, are actually quality fruits lol.    I'm good with TY and Pittman as outside guys even though we know TY may not be long term. I just hope we have someone else step up with PC out. I love Pascal, and he absolutely can be efficient at big-slot, but he's a 4-6 depth guy. I'd really love to get a look at Hines and Dulin running out of slot.
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