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With the 36th & 37th pick, Indianapolis Colts select Darius Leonard & Braden Smith

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On 4/20/2019 at 3:47 AM, NewColtsFan said:


Sorry, Jared...    I'm not trying to be difficult,  but this post is mostly false.    And full of the frustration that a disappointed fan can have.


Grigson's 2012 draft,  his first,  was judged at the time to be the 9th best in the history of the draft.    And yet,  a number of years down the line most of the players flamed out...   either they got hurt,  (Fleener,  Chapman,  Ballard) or their performance tailed off for variouis reasons. (Allen, Brazil)    Some things are just out of a GM's hands.  


You are what your record says you are...  11-5, 11-5 and 11-5 and further in each round of the playoffs in his first three years..   His two worst years while he was GM were 8-8.   But, the roster got old, slow and less talented on his watch.   But that doeesn't make him 32 out of 32 GM's.   So, no, I don't think Luck wasted the first 5 years of his career.   Certainly not the first 3.    Of course,  IMO,  Grigson IS responsible for Ballard's 4-12 first year.   That was Grigson's mess that Ballard had to clean up.


And I don't think people who supported Grigson in his early years should be taking a hit.   Not from you or anyone else.    Ultimately he was not good at his job.   He deserved to be fired.   But people were calling for his head in year 3, when we went to the AFC Championship game.    Those fans weren't right because Grigson ultimately lost his job.    That's like saying someone who always proclaims it's 12 o'clock is some genius because he's right twice a day.    Fans didn't know what was coming in 2014.    The fact that they were right was more fluke than anything else.  Those of us who supported Grigson had good reason to do so.   Those of us who stopped supporting Grigson also had good reason to do so.   He stopped being good at his job.


Fans weren't very impressed with Ballard after his first year.   One year later,  and he's a genius.   Fans are emotional and fickle.   They love you when your winning and not so much if you're not.

After Ballard's great draft last year,  you  say he deserves the benefit of the doubt.   Great, I agree with you.    But in your previous sentence you felt the need to qualify it by saying  "barring a positional reach or bad positional draft early..."     You're already ready to pounce should Ballard do something you think is wrong and stupid and he hasn't even done it yet.   But you're ready to proclaim that the current smartest guy in the room is suddenly not.    The honeymoon would be over.


That's what fans do.   Grigson is not as bad as you think.   And Ballard will make his share of mistakes.   Not because I doubt him,  but because everyone in the personnel business does sooner or later.   The job is much harder than you think it is.  Things are rarely as obvious as they seem.  


Yes he had 2 very very good drafts in 2011-2012. But after 2014 I wanted him gone.


When you draft Bjoern Werner one year with your first pick and then next year trade your 1st rounder for Trent Richardson, I think you deserve to be fired


Those are 2 very egregious offenses.


Hindsight right now, I wouldn't have fired him simply because we wouldn't have gotten Ballard if we fired him so soon. But we still should've fired him sooner

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I'm embarrassed with my post about Leanard. I was wrong  and eating crow because the guy is looking real good.

I love reminiscing. 

Smith is a 1st team All American and All SEC. So he must be a scrub! We are bringing in 2 All Americans on the OL Protecting Andrew Luck is going to happen finally! Good pick!

3 hours ago, Valpo2004 said:

Did I say anything dumb in here?  Is there any way to search without going through all 5 pages?


Just assume you did, it's easier that way...


I didn't even post in this thread until a few days ago, so I'm safe. I made my own thread after the draft to combine all my stupidity in one place.

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3 hours ago, BigQungus said:

Hindsight right now, I wouldn't have fired him simply because we wouldn't have gotten Ballard if we fired him so soon. But we still should've fired him sooner


Probably not, but maybe. Ballard was in the rotation for at least a couple years, getting interviews, declining interviews, etc. He was a finalist for the Bears job in 2015. I found the article linked below to be very enlightening, especially looking at how Ballard has operated since joining the Colts.



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On 4/19/2019 at 3:21 PM, Lucky Colts Fan said:


I do.  Saying anything except "the jury is out until year 3" is premature drivel from either side.


We can look back now and say Nelson, Leonard, and Smith were great picks, but even that is premature because it's only been one year.


This entire "HoF" 2018 draft class might completely $#!+ the bed this year (God, I hope not), in which case, Ballard didn't "nail it" and hasn't earned the benefit of the doubt.


So far, so good, but the jury is out until 2021.  :hat:


Well....   to be fair,  the 3-year rule is not typically applied to rookies who show they can quickly play at this level.


No one was saying let's not judge Andrew Luck until after 3 years.    We knew after year 1 that he was special.      And I'd say the same applies to Nelson and Leonard.      I think it DOES apply to Smith.   He's learning a new position on the fly at the NFL level.    Never easy.


Our young kids who haven't fully demonstrated just how good they will be have a few more years to get better.     Ballard talked about that today in his presser.    These young kids need time.   


That said,  the best of the best,  the cream of the crop,  they show themselves pretty quickly.


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On 4/20/2019 at 9:06 AM, Chloe6124 said:

I remember Luck in his presser last week said he wants more TD. That’s good for Ebron and funchess. I do think we can expect funchess and Ebron to each get around 8 TD. I will be shocked if either gets double digits.  If they do that means luck will have had a career year and might get mvp. I also won’t consider it a failure for Ebron if his TD are half and funchess gets the other half. It doesn’t really mean he wasn’t as important. Teams are going to have a hard time covering all 3 in the red zone. 


I'm not sure when Luck made that comment that he's talking about more TD passes....   He's talking about more touchdowns for the overall offense.     Fewer field goals,  and more touchdowns.    Let's get 7 points on the drive instead of 3 points.


We might get many more touchdowns this year,  but a number of them could possibly be from the running game....


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20 hours ago, Superman said:


Just assume you did, it's easier that way...


I didn't even post in this thread until a few days ago, so I'm safe. I made my own thread after the draft to combine all my stupidity in one place.


True but I generally pride myself in not presuming that draft picks will work out poorly before the ball is even snapped.


I might say that I would have preferred one guy over another.  But that's about as bad as it gets.  

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