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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Is Jordan Love really getting picked that high though? He threw a ton of INT's. I think he's a 1st round talent, but is overhyped if we're saying he's top-5 in the draft.
    • Please I beg everybody. Stop this about trading up. I know all this is fun and exciting to a lot of fans, however no one on here should really want a trade up scenario, when there are so many really good players of need where we will be picking. Let the other teams be the fools here, we stay the course and no way do I believe the Colts trade up for one of these QBs. These QBs are not "Generational talent" QBs. That right there is why you don't trade up, nor will any of these QBs help the team right away. There is another reason why you don't package picks of value to do this. Everything will be fine, let it play out in a logical and rational manner.    This has been a public service announcement, thank you... No.
    • Not gonna lie, when they got caught like this, first thought I had was, "Uh oh, now they're going to win the Superbowl." Glad I was wrong. Pats usually have strong revenge tours, but fell flat in the wildcard match.
    • Johnathan Taylor running a 4.39 officially is absolutely insane to me. Fastest of all the RBs there at 225 lbs.
    • Sir! With all do respect! I believe your misreading the tea leaves. You and the others dislike for Kelly is asinine. You pick and choose what you want to listen to and disregard the things that doesn't suit your taste. I believe you and others are going to be very disappointed. I believe Kelly is in the Colts future plans as long as he stays out of trouble and works hard and proves he belongs. If he doesn't then i believe he will be gone. The kid has some upside which can't be denied. Maybe you and the others need to learn how to forgive and accept. Kelly could become very good for this team. However, you and others want to disregard Kelly and never give the kid a chance! Pitiful!!! Very pitiful!!!
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